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This audiobook teaches you the hidden secrets of self-reliance to reach your full potential and accomplish your grandest goals and dreams. It will help you to discover your true purpose and calling in life. How to get any job or career you want. How you can get the upper hand in any personal or professional negotiation. The ultimate time-management strategy that will help you maximize the use of your time, enable you to focus on your core competencies, and reach your goals in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

It will teach you success and problem-solving mindsets and skill sets that will enable you to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or setback. The secrets to health, vitality, and unlimited energy that keeps you free from common colds, flu, and illnesses so you can enjoy your life with exceptional mental clarity, focus, and efficiency. How the worlds banking, credit, monetary, and financial system really works so you can understand how government policy will affect your business, job, investments, and the economy so you can take advantage of the boom/bust cycle of the central banking system, protect your accumulated wealth and financially profit in any market conditions.

Why am I qualified to help you overcome your challenges and reach your full potential? I've spent most of my life studying and applying the best lessons I've learned from self-help, philosophy, history, religion, politics, finance, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, exercise, and studying the most successful people in history. I share what I learned after hitting the wall and failing to graduate college so I could stop sabotaging my success and employ the superior fundamental principles of the science of high achievement that enabled me to get every job and career I went after upon graduation, started a mortgage and real estate company that netted a $60,000 profit in the first month of operation, and grew it from just an idea into seven companies grossing $8 million a year. I became a full-time life coach in 2006.

Corey Wayne
hr min
February 17
The Corey Wayne Companies, Inc.

Customer Reviews

GioMendoza106 ,

Corey Wayne Changed My Dating And Profesional Life

The advice Coach Corey Wayne has given with his videos has helped me a lot. I really hope he translates his books to spanish because I’d really love to recommend his work to my community on YouTube GeoCast FRN.

#RealestateKelly ,

I don’t review often but.....

So I’ve read self development books for about 8 years now. I came across this audio book and like usual I listened to the preview first. The preview led me to believe this book was going to be packed full of priceless knowledge and I chose to buy this particular book instead Coreys previous book, “3% man” that I read so many good reviews about. So, I got about an hour and a half into this book and almost immediately regretted buying it. I kept telling myself, “okay, I’ll listen a little bit more”, almost like waiting for the punch line but, it never came. The first hour and a half of this book is full of stories that I could have read about in a newspaper for free. It’s more like a book about stories that Corey remembers from his past. Okay, so we all have stories but, the impact of the stories as they pertain to Corey’s past don’t translate into a story that has an impact on the reader because they are delivered in the context that makes the reader feel like, “I think the author thinks people just really want to hear about his whole life story?” This should have been a biography, not a self development book. Maybe if he would have tied his stories into facts or had a terrific punch line at the end of them it would be better. At this point, I’m even hesitant to buy his other books that have tons of good reviews because I just lost 21$ on what I would consider the equivalent to a boring history book. No disrespect. I’m just upset that I paid a lofty price and received no personal development in return

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