Mastering Yourself: How to Align Your Life with Your True Calling & Reach Your Full Potential (Unabridged‪)‬

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This audiobook teaches you the hidden secrets of self-reliance to reach your full potential and accomplish your grandest goals and dreams. It will help you to discover your true purpose and calling in life. How to get any job or career you want. How you can get the upper hand in any personal or professional negotiation. The ultimate time-management strategy that will help you maximize the use of your time, enable you to focus on your core competencies, and reach your goals in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

It will teach you success and problem-solving mindsets and skill sets that will enable you to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or setback. The secrets to health, vitality, and unlimited energy that keeps you free from common colds, flu, and illnesses so you can enjoy your life with exceptional mental clarity, focus, and efficiency. How the worlds banking, credit, monetary, and financial system really works so you can understand how government policy will affect your business, job, investments, and the economy so you can take advantage of the boom/bust cycle of the central banking system, protect your accumulated wealth and financially profit in any market conditions.

Why am I qualified to help you overcome your challenges and reach your full potential? I've spent most of my life studying and applying the best lessons I've learned from self-help, philosophy, history, religion, politics, finance, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, exercise, and studying the most successful people in history. I share what I learned after hitting the wall and failing to graduate college so I could stop sabotaging my success and employ the superior fundamental principles of the science of high achievement that enabled me to get every job and career I went after upon graduation, started a mortgage and real estate company that netted a $60,000 profit in the first month of operation, and grew it from just an idea into seven companies grossing $8 million a year. I became a full-time life coach in 2006.

Corey Wayne
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February 17
The Corey Wayne Companies, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Definitelyarocker ,

Last couple chapters were unneeded

I loved the book, there are plenty of awesome stuff in that give context to what is in 3% man. Mental, physical and emotional well being are all Important and Corey writes about all these things with real world examples from his life. Guys you gotta power through because just about everything in the book has a reason why it’s there. However as much as the last couple chapters were informative that’s the one place I was like Corey where does this bring context to Mastering Yourself. I get it we need to informed about current events but like you usually tied it into the original thesis for the book. To me the book was awesome but about 100 pages probably didn’t have to be there.

GioMendoza106 ,

Corey Wayne Changed My Dating And Profesional Life

The advice Coach Corey Wayne has given with his videos has helped me a lot. I really hope he translates his books to spanish because I’d really love to recommend his work to my community on YouTube GeoCast FRN.

Fakez91 ,

Love it

Corey is the man! My life has changed a-lot since I started ready this book I’m almost done with my 10th read through. I also read 3% man 24 times. Now I’m in the best relationship I been in. I have a son who I love and love me as well. I’m still working on things but because of this book I won’t stop the grind

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