Mating a Grizzly: League of Gallize Shifters, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Mating a Grizzly is book two in the unusual Gallize paranormal shifter romance series by The New York Times best-selling author Dianna Love.

In this friends-to-lovers romance, Justin is an elite black ops warrior on a unique shifter team. He turns into a monster grizzly and rushes into danger without hesitation. But he's having second thoughts on playing bodyguard for a Russian bear shifter princess.

How'd he get stuck guarding a prima donna who will look down her nose at him like the snobs in the bear clan where he grew up? But Elianna turns out to be nothing like he expected. She's strong, pretty, and feels special, like she could be the one. He'll never find out unless he can stop an assassin from killing him and kidnapping her. 

Elianna's sexy protector is the soul mate of her dreams, but giving in to the heat simmering between her and Justin can't happen. She struck a deal in Russia to save a child who has no one but her. Justin makes her want things she can't have - like mating - but the deal she made under duress prevents a relationship with him, or she'll lose the little boy who is everything to her. Even so, she will not allow her dark past to kill Justin.

Stephen R. Thorne
hr min
January 21
Silver Hawk Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Crimyami ,

Mating a Grizzly by Dianna Love is Amazing

I love Dianna's writing style when it comes to her shifters. You can tell she writes with her heart in her stories and trying to make sure the reader falls in love as much as she has with her own characters. The book is very well written and put together.

Justin is a Gallize a specail type of shifter who's job is to protect man from other paranormals that threaten the peaceful life of shifters. He gets a call from his old clan that shunned him telling him he needs to escort this russian bear. Justin isn't pleased but accepts and he's dreading on dealing with a pampered princess or so he thinks.

Elianna has had a difficult life, shunned by her father's clan and left alone as fair as she has known. What she didn't know was her father was watching her, and was going to use her for his own personal game. Elianna making a deal to keep a child safe so the child wouldn't be alone. Wasn't the top things on Elianna's list, nor was falling for Justin as he makes her, and her bear rather intrigued. The twists and turns of this gets you, where it's not too much but just the right amount to keep you wanting more.

Stephen R. Thorne does an excellent job at narrating the story. Giving Elianna and her family accents without going overboard and making it sound bad. I'm impressed as some people do a good job and some don't Mr Thorne hits it on the mark. Bringing Dianna's book to life while your only wanting more and can't wait to find out. 10/10 I would reccommend this book to my friends and have gifted it to one!