Maybe We Won't: Silver Harbor, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

A sexy and soul-stirring novel about love, family, and rediscovering what matters most by Melissa Foster, the New York Times bestselling author of Maybe We Will.

When workaholic Boston attorney Deirdra de Messiéres is passed over for a well-deserved promotion, she takes a two-month hiatus to show her boss just how much he needs her and heads home to Silver Island. But beyond seeing her sisters happy, home is not where Deirdra’s heart is. She has no interest in their family restaurant, the Bistro, or reliving hurtful childhood memories, and absolutely no interest in spending a single second with Josiah “Jagger” Jones, the Bistro’s too-laid-back musician and chef. Sure, the hippie is hot, but he drives her nuts. The guy lives in a van with his dog, and he can’t even commit to a solid work schedule. To make matters worse, he’s always around. She needs to get off the island, stat.

Jagger has overcome his own personal trials to place stock in life’s pleasures: family, friends, peace...and if he has his way, one positively beautiful, absolutely uptight attorney. Jagger knows he’s the perfect person to help Deirdra deal with her hurtful past and find her way back to being happy.

A chance encounter leads to deep conversation, and night after liberating night, Deirdra lets down her guard. But neither has plans to stay on Silver Island. Free-spirited Jagger has wanderlust, and Deirdra has a career to return to. They’re on different paths, and plans for a future together don’t stand a chance. But when has anything gone according to plan?

Virginia Rose, Aaron Shedlock
hr min
April 26
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer1966 ,


Hippy-boy Jagger is exactly what uptight, workaholic Deirdra needs in her life. On hiatus from her job, Deirdra is back on Silver Island where she inadvertently climbs in bed with Jagger. As they begin to spend more time together, Deidra realizes there's a lot more to hippy-boy Jagger than she thought. He sees through her tough exterior and is determined to help her realize her past does not need to define the rest of her life.

Jagger is sexy, thoughtful, insightful and an all around great guy and will do everything he can to get his HEA with Deirdra. Virginia Rose and Aaron Shedlock do an amazing job narrating Jagger and Deidra's story.

Collyn23 ,

Sweet and sexy

Are you ready for another Melissa Foster book? I know I am! I could read quite a few a month of hers. Well the new book is called Maybe we won’t, and it is awesome!

This book follows Dierdra and Jagger’s story which you’ve met if you read her sisters Kait and Abby’s books. If not then go read their stories too because they are just as amazing. Anyways Dierdra is a accomplished lawyer and self reliant, tough as nails, workaholic. She took care of her drunk mom and her younger sister before running off to have a life she wanted. Now she is back in her home town celebrating her sisters engagement and a hiatus from work to show them they need her. She never thought some hippie man could throw her life off kilter and make her rethink what she really wants.

Jagger is a free spirited person just goes where the wind takes him. He is an amazing chef and musician but doesn’t like to be tied down anywhere. He loves life, nature, family and friends. Can he show Dierdra how to slow down and let life take you where you need to be. Can she relax and remember what love can be and not control and plan everything in life?

These two are quite opposite of each other. Do opposites really attract? Well you will have to read to find out! You will absolutely love this book. I sure did! Get it today.

Lbzoza ,


Another lovely book in the silver harbor series. I loved the start of this and the push pull dynamic. As you can expect with this author, it is sexy, sweet and all around a page turner.

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