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Gather around for campfire stories with the MeatEater crew as they share sixteen harrowing true tales of survival, grit, and misfortune in the great outdoors—an immersive audio experience from the host of the long-running Netflix series and top-ranked wilderness podcast. 
In Campfire Stories: Close Calls, Steven Rinella invites seasoned hunters, anglers, adventurers, and outdoor professionals to share their tales of perilous adventures in the natural world, from run-ins with black bears and grizzlies to bad falls and severe hypothermia.
With humor and heart, the storytellers describe how they survived disastrous encounters with weather, wildlife--and even a criminal cartel. Whether set in urban forests or atop remote Alaskan peaks, the tales in Campfire Stories: Close Calls are rich with lessons on how to stay safe in nature, delivered in a conversational tone that conjures the feeling of sitting around a campfire sharing adventure stories with friends.

Campfire Stories: Close Calls features tales from MeatEater crew members Steven Rinella • Janis Putelis • Brody Henderson • Garret Smith • Seth Morris • Maggie Smith and Edbo Genet • with additional stories by Andy Bergin • Buck Bowden • Chad Converse • Jerry Dunlop • Greg Fonts • Jake Grzyb • Sam Lawry • Greg Litzinger • Joe and Joey Nowicki • Alex Reynaud • Thad Robison • Bobbie Scopa • and Avery Shawler.

Biographies & Memoirs
Steven Rinella
hr min
July 20
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Kayleinesd ,

Great Listen

This was a great audiobook. I highly recommend! But I do have one question though. I was always told that AB+ blood is the “universal recipient. Which means he can receive blood from all blood types, and in one of the stories the guy said he needed to go to a whole other hospital just to get the right blood he needed due to him being AB+?

Candide21 ,

Fire the person(s) responsible for the sound effects

This book is a great listen. The stories are well told by the individuals who experienced them. Why couldn’t they leave it at that? Sound effects were added in for added drama when it absolutely wasn’t needed. These stories were dramatic enough (and perfectly told) without the added sounds. The audio at some points is deafening and almost mutes the person speaking. I had to turn my bass completely off when listening in my vehicle; I can’t imagine listening to this with earbuds. It was SO challenging to continue listening through some of the stories. For instance “A bear ran towards us” “RRRAAAWWERRRRR” and now I’m turning the volume almost off just to get past the nightmare of audio. Anyway Steven, if you’re reading this please consider republishing to eliminate the sound effects.

RDP041781 ,

Great stories of survival told well

As someone who spends time in the wilderness and has a healthy respect for the power of Mother Nature… I always find it useful to hear the first-hand accounts of those who’ve actually experienced the “worst case scenario.” Great lessons to take away about being prepared, recognizing the signs of trouble before they get out of control, etc.

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