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When the CIA receives word about an upcoming terrorist attack, they immediately look towards their superagent Mitch Rapp to do whatever it takes to protect American lives in this “page-flipping extravaganza” (Publishers Weekly) from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn.

Just as Washington, DC, prepares for a grand Memorial Day tribute to the veterans of World War II, the CIA receives intelligence about a potential major terrorist attack. Racing to Afghanistan, Mitch Rapp leads a commando raid on an Al-Qaeda stronghold in a remote border village—and defuses plans for a nuclear strike on the nation’s capital. But Rapp knows, in the face of a new kind of enemy, nothing is what it seems—and it’s up to him alone to avert a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Armand Schultz
hr min
May 4
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

hyhhyyhjhuyy ,



Humarock1150 ,

Memorial Day's reader ROCKS

I bought this a while ago on CD version as we where taking a long drive....I LOVE this reader, he kept me interested and awake...;O)...Vince Flynn ROCKS at espionage and intrigue...looking forward to getting more of his works, and getting them on my ipod....

Mr. Hummer ,

Really Great Book

I have read Conset to KIll, Act of Treason and Executive Power. Consent to Kill and Momoreal Day are my favorites. This book and all the other Vince Flynn books are a must have for fans ot the TV show 24. Even though this is abridged I liked it. You should consider waitng until May 2007 then the audiobook will be available Unabridged. That said this is still a good book and I highly suggest you buy Momorial Day abridged or unabridged you will enjoy it very much.
Hey why is "Term Limits" not on iTunes?? please mark my review as helpful and send a email to iTunes and request that "Term Limits" be added to the store thanks for your support.

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