Men Don't Love Women Like You!: The Brutal Truth About Dating, Relationships, and How to Go from Placeholder to Game Changer

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Stop searching, this is the answer you have been looking for.

Why isn't your love life where you want it to be? Are you going to point fingers at the quality of today's men, blame the city that you live in, or come up with the defense that you don't have the energy to date? You pretend to be working on yourself, but you secretly hope and wish that Prince Charming will fall in your lap. You make the excuse that it's not you, it's the men, but there is something inside of you that knows the common denominator in all of your failed relationships was you! No matter if you're struggling to find someone new, trying to make things work with someone old, or currently confused about a person that's giving you mixed signals, this book will reset and revolutionize those relationships.

It's time to take control of your life and get the love you deserve. This isn't about online dating gimmicks, how to submit to male techniques, or any nonsense that publishers push down your throat to make money off of your desperation. This book holds the answers to your salvation, and it all starts by going within and learning the secrets to manifestation that goes well beyond the inconsistent Law of Attraction philosophy. If you want real results, provable results, and a life where you will never shy away from your greatness, then take up the Spartan challenge today! This is not a dating book for the soft, this is the gateway to power for the strong. Conquer your fears, take back control of your life, and awaken the Spartan within.

Clay Lomakayu
hr min
July 22
Viceroy Publishing

Customer Reviews

TRichGirl ,

Amazing book

I have many of GL lamberts physical and pdf books but never opened them. I recently discovered I absorb books better by listening to them. I’m happy this book was my first audiobook. It kept me hooked and repeated some things I knew already, but appreciate the tough love, brutal honesty and reminders. Women who want change don’t need or want to be coddled or babied. I love his approach and want him to go ever harder. I look forward to listening to the rest of the books and applying them more consistently to my life. I wish I had someone like him in my life or a father like him to have given me game when I was younger. But now I can be the future mother who gives my future children game and end the cycle. Thankfully I’m still young and learned early. Thank you GLL. He is the goat!

Imadiva ,

Terrible Read

There may have been some truth to men’s behavior but over all this book is written with women with extremely poor self esteem in mind & will probably make one feel even worse.

It’s crazy, the book talks about women should be empowered, so not really understanding what makes a women so “typical” to be proud of what she has been through or what she has over come to get to where she is at. I guess what he saying is what a woman has been through to get to where she is shouldn’t define her but he makes it seem like it isn’t a big deal. No one knows a persons journey until one shares it & it could be extraordinary.

He talks pretty demeaning about women and pretty much saying forget any values you may have it isn’t going to get you there. That isn’t true. He fails to talk about how if a man is not ready because there are things he needs to get done for himself before he can commit to any woman.

He also fails to talk about the work we all need to do within ourselves to be a good partner for someone.

Ladies working on ourselves means facing who we are or who we have become from last experiences that left us not feeling our best selves. This work includes holding ourselves accountable and becoming more self aware so that you are more aware of others and situations.

There are so many better self help books then this one. Honestly this one is just straight trash and I am so disappointed to see how many women said they loved this book.

The book is repetitive and talks about the same thing over and over it so many different ways. It honestly seems like the author may have poor self esteem and has dealt with rejection one too many times then he felt like he should have.

Don’t waste your time.

Optimad ,

Must read

This is a must read book for today's woman. It's the straight talk required to understand what the hell is happening with our present dating and relationship situations.

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