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In Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit takes on the conversations between men who wrongly assume they know things and wrongly assume women don't. The ultimate problem, she shows in her comic, scathing essay, is female self-doubt and the silencing of women. Writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit is the author of 14 books about civil society, popular power, uprisings, art, environment, place, pleasure, politics, hope, and memory, most recently The Faraway Nearby, a book on empathy and storytelling. She is a Harper's Magazine contributing editor.

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August 27
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Jumbojuice8890 ,

Can't change the world by hating men

For every action... Rebecca. Ok. I understand why you feel this way. Forgive me, I don't understand. But I have some friends with missions to throw fire into the coal and ash that constitutes what's left of a man's emotional capacity.

Please consider:

1. From 2007- 2009, the number of female payroll employees fell 2.6 million, while the number of men fell 5.8 million.

2. In January of 2010 job consensus for December 200i9 earnings report (before adjusting for seasonal changes), showed 64.2 million payroll employees last month were women, and only 63.4 million were men.

And the trend has continued.

Rebecca, honestly I think this fantastic writing: I love the irony hitting from countless directions at once, natural dialogue, and you have a fantastic "voice." i tense as you wait to speak. I can absolutely empathize with that, but I am a 33 year old, white (Irish/Lithuanian) man.

It takes time for power to change. And it's already begun.. and it cannot happen soon enough for me. Because every interview I go to interview for any jobs that have the most experience and success in (135k albums sold, band merch, promotion... I did it all. Until we signed a 100k contract with options up to 1 million... and.... well lets just say they didn't work as fast as I did! But my point, 10 years experience in. PR, customer relations, retail branding and graphic design, and marketing; 25 interviews so far, 20 filled by women.

The female brain is as unique and beautiful as the body. And I say that respectfully. I would hire a woman over a man (assuming equal skill and experience) because women tend to multi-task better, women can make an old office feel slick and modern, or cozy and comfortable.

Not all men are disgusting, I know this. And I guarantee every male that's read this far agrees. This battle of the sexes needs to stop. Women: we've been captivated by you as far back as our species goes. Unfortunately, similar to race discrimination and just about everything else, the loudest most obscene acts caught on film is good for ratings. So for my friend who was raped atop a small new england mountain and national park, my heart goes out to you and I'm so glad you made it. I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to be reminded of violent, intoxicated, mentally unstable and toxic men on television committing obscene and violating assaults against women.

So let's focus on the men that are coming into positions of power rather than the boomers that are falling out. I believe you will find that most men prefer to work with women. For the sake of our familes, and our children... let's treat one another respectfully, BUT... there is NO NEED RIGHT NOW FOR ANY MORE SHAMING. Let's utilize our strengths to progress our society, rather than to humiliate a slow witted man for facts, or techniques to aquire facts that were most likely taught incorrectly.

I would highly recommend "The Female Brain." The scientific process and equipment and techniques such as Brain Scanning through EEG,and MRI to show how much our nurturing really affects our children, from the aspect of their Sex and Gender.

Thank you.

Gma-G ,

Very informative. Easy to follow along.

This author is incredible at relaying the facts in a direct and non bias approach.

Kayaaaaaaa ,

Great book!! Witty and so true

I loved this book! Even bought the paper copy.

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