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The Supreme Court endorses terrorists’ rights, flag burning, and importing foreign law. Is that in the Constitution? You’re right: it’s not. But these days the Constitution is no restraint on our out-of-control Supreme Court. The Court imperiously strikes down laws and imposes new ones purely on its own arbitrary whims. Even though liberals like John Kerry are repeatedly defeated at the polls, the majority on the allegedly “conservative” Supreme Court reflects their views and wields absolute power. There’s a word for this: tyranny.

In Men in Black, radio talk-show host and legal scholar Mark R. Levin dissects the judicial tyranny that is robbing us of our freedoms and stuffing the ballot box in favor of liberal policies. As Rush Limbaugh writes in his introduction, “Men in Black is a tremendously important and compelling book.”

Jeff Riggenbach
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June 27
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dpgoodrich ,

Men in Black

Love everything that Mark writes.

sdleahy ,

Excellence Forged into Words

I have bought and read all three of Levin's political books, and this one is by far my favorite. it is a book for those who wish to engage in a deep journey into the difference between objectivity, reason, law and ordered liberty and those who stand against such virtues to see their own desires fulfilled.

Far from "straw man fallicies" Levin cites the words of the founders in the federalist papers, at the constitutional convention, in letters written between one another, etc. He articulates the plain and evident truth about how the supreme court has strayed from their proper path and assumed the mantle we see them at today.

this is not a conservative vs liberal book, like his other two are. this is strictly "objectivity of the law vs subjective beliefs" held by certain individuals in power.

liberal statists will hate this book because they cant relate to objectivity

people who have a love for freedom, and the conditions that allow it to prosper will love this book. and will be able to argue the social issues brought up in it, and win hands down.

as a small sample, you will learn that flag burning and terrorist rights are actually not in the constitution.

Tony Beltrami ,

Great book

This book is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the American legal system. Awesome read.

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