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We Are Enough: Engaging with the World from a Place of Worthiness

What does it take to be secure in our sense of belonging and self-worth? We may hustle to attain this security through achievements, meeting expectations, or repeating affirmations to ourselves - but Dr. Brené Brown's research has shown there is ultimately one obstacle to our sense of worthiness. “Shame is the barrier,” she teaches, “and building shame resilience is how we overcome it.” With Men, Women, and Worthiness, Dr. Brown draws upon more than 12 years of investigation to reveal how we can disarm the influence of shame to cultivate a life of greater courage, joy, and love. In this rich and heartfelt examination of this pivotal element of happiness, she invites you to explore:

The differences and similarities between the experience of shame for men and women.
Guilt vs. shame - why one is a useful force for growth, while the other keeps us small.
The four elements of shame resilience - identifying our triggers, practicing critical awareness, sharing our story, and speaking honestly about shame.
Empathy as the primary antidote to shame.

“Whether you are a man, woman, or child, every one of us has the irreducible need for love and belonging,” Dr. Brown teaches. “A sense of self-worth, unhindered by the inner voices of shame, allows us to meet that need.” With the warmth, candor, and humor that has made her a celebrated speaker, Brené Brown offers a road map for navigating the emotions that hold us back-so we can cultivate a life of authenticity and connection.

Brené Brown
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May 31
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Customer Reviews

Cobb love ,


I have listened to this three times in the last week. It helps to hear it over and over again to really start the practicing of a Wholehearted Living style!! I'm also reading all the reads as well. I am on a mission to really get my shame demons under control!! Growing up in an environment were "I was bad" " I was messy" "I was annoying " I understand a lot more way I grew up with self hate. Now in my thirties after lots of great therapy I really get self love. Great Audio book and written too!!

playcoach ,

this could change your life!

Seriously! Ther e are so many nuggets of truth packed in here! You will find yourself saying "OMG, now that explains a lot!"

Even more important, it doesn't just leave you "there",and maybe realizing for the first time how you got there, but provides the tools to move to a place of better health.

So powerful on so many levels!

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