MENTAL TOUGHNESS & BRAIN TRAINING: Train your memory to new abilities, improve your memory and Focus, Develop Strategies, Skills for Emotion Regulation with Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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What You Will Learn:
The Brain’s Structure And How It WorksExercise Brain Effects And How To Exercise The BrainBrain’s Structure -Strong Mental Health As We MatureThe Science Behind Brain Power         How To Increase BrainpowerBrain Power TruthMemory And The BrainTen Healthy Brain Habits         Benefits Of Brain TraininingWhy Should Your Brain Be Trained?   How Passive And Active Brain Training Could Improve The Mind.Conditions For Brain Training To WorkHow Brain Training Can Benefit Navigationally ChallengedUtilizing Ict Tools To Maximize Your Brain Training    How To Improve Your MemoryWhat Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Dbt)?   Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills TrainingBenefits Of Dbt, Who Benefits From Dbt Skills Training?History Of DbtDialectical Behaviour Therapy (Dbt) Vs.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Cbt)How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Dbt Works?Is Dbt Right For You?How To Manage Anxiety Using Dialectical Behavior TherapyMindfulnessHow Is Meditation Consistent With Dbt And Cbt?Mindfulness Complements Traditional Approaches To Counselling And Therapy.Mindfulness In Dbt. What Does Mindfulness Have To Do With Dbt?  Core MindfulnessDistress Tolerance In Dialectical Behavior TherapyUsing Distress Tolerance To Manage Intense EmotionsEmotional Regulation: What Happens When Someone Can't Regulate Their Emotions?
And many more..

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October 15
cindy f. crosby

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Full of stress reducing ,

Excellent, detailed audiobook

Excellent audiobook. I am a certified stress coach and will use this frequently

extremely Great ! ,

Be positive, nice to yourself, and others and the mentality will follow.

This text begins with a definition of mental strength. Put simply, it’s the ability of the human mind to do what it wants when it wants. We all get frustrated when our brains don’t work at the most opportune times. It continues with the importance of being positive, and focusing on the positive, or which direction you would like your brain or focus to go.

weke up call ,


An excellent audiobook for those who want to understand the physiology of stress but not for the gerenal reade.