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Manipulation is a natural strategy that people use to get their way. Despite having a negative connotation to it, manipulation is actually a powerful tool that can help you advance yourself through life and begin living the life you desire and deserve right away.

There are three primary steps to manipulation: analysis, manipulation, and persuasion. Believe it or not, all three of these steps are not only informative and important but are also mandatory in the success of manipulative efforts. If you want to succeed at manipulating your way into the life you desire, you need to know how these three steps factor into it and what is required for you to master them.

Methods of Manipulation: Use the Psychology of Persuasion to Analyze and Manipulate Human Behavior discusses each of these important steps in complete detail, providing you with all of the most essential and effective strategies from each one. You will not only be provided with the details on how to fulfill the steps but also be given real-life examples of sentences you can use and things you can do physically, such as manipulating your own body language, to get your way.

This audiobook is based on the theory that first, we analyze, then we manipulate so that we can persuade. The final idea is that you will be able to persuade anyone to agree with anything you want them to do. Whether you want to increase your sales numbers, get a raise or a promotion, get a free invite to an exclusive party, earn new friends or seduce a new lover, have people give you things for free, get people to do favors for you, or virtually anything else, manipulation can help you.

If you are ready to truly master the art of manipulation and experience maximum results from your efforts, Methods of Manipulation is the exact audiobook you need. This turnkey audiobook will give you a step-by-step proven method and even teach you how to begin practicing it in your own life to ensure maximum success. Are you ready for the life you deserve?

Brooke Pillifant
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January 24
Jennifer P. Hayes