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Did you know your happiness is hackable? Did you know your mind is hackable? Did you know your brain is hackable?

In Mind Hacking Happiness, Sean Webb presents the latest neuroscience and emotions science, coupled with some ancient wisdom teachings and common sense, to introduce the newest and most effective way to gain control of your mind so you can increase your happiness at will. With numerous study references, one of a kind stories, and engaging humor, Mind Hacking Happiness is a must listen for anyone looking to increase their happiness levels so that they can supercharge their brain, lower stress, improve their health and wellbeing, and improve their overall life experience. Don't let your mind scrooge on your happiness by making you align all the stars in the universe before it releases a little bit of happiness to you from behind the happiness door in your mind. Learn to kick in that happiness door and claim all the happiness you want at any time you wish.

Sean Webb
hr min
June 27

Customer Reviews

RangerOne80 ,

I absolutely love this knucklehead…

I came across Sean through TikTok and then later listened to his podcast and eventually bought this audiobook. He speaks with a common tone that’s understandable and entertaining. I truly believe his teachings help each one of us become a better person and I highly recommend this book.

l1i1li1lill1ii1l1i ,

This book is amazing

Im about 30% done with this book and I love it so far. The perspective he gives and the logic he uses to explain it makes so much sense. I found his tiktok and I decided to try out his book and it 1000% worth the money. Now I feel like I can share this with my friends and get them to read it themselves because the benefits outweigh the price by far.

Mr_Sm1th ,

The Handbook of the Brain

I was someone who had lived a life, completely and utterly dumbfounded, by what was lurking in the shadows of my mind. Growing up I had always known I was different. The feeling of writing with a regular #2 pencil to me, was excruciating torture. I could; and still can, feel the led or graphite breaking across whatever surface it’s on. I can feel the individual grains, and the texture just literally drives me to start twitching.
Growing up, between having personal items broken, stolen, and shoved in lockers, I too was damaged. Because of how I was treated by literally everyone until my (NOW) wife came along, I seen myself as damaged.
In a plethora of issues that I learned only from having to go see a therapist that my own job had to send me too, that mental health was some thing that I really needed to learn about. My parents didn’t know anything about mental health, and I never learned anything either. I was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, bi-polar, depressed, and severe anxiety. I was on a ton of meds and couldn’t figure out why I still wasn’t happy. I had built a life around literally everything I was told I was supposed to have to be happy. That’s whenever I started looking in the eastern philosophy, I found Sadguru and the yogi way of life. I started learning about the universe and meditating, tracing my own lineage back to the Nordics and the Vikings. through meditation I actually discovered this book because while I was meditating I actually seeing the formula that SEAN presents!!!!!
I had to buy it and once I heard about what he was doing, I knew the universe led me to him for a reason. Now after successfully completed the 45 days, I’ve read the first book, twice, and completed the 45 day mind hacking happiness course. And I’m a new man. Words can’t express how good this book, this method, and this man is other than “LIFE CHANGING”.

“coincidental” and “mind opening”, this book will make you seriously re evaluate literally every emotion you have, or will ever have.
“Instruction guide for the brain”, Sean if your reading this. Thank you brother, and check the website message box, I’m excited to try working with you in the future. I work for a pretty big company, and some some great ideas I’d like to run by you. -Justin S.

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