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Ever wonder if there’s a faster way to get the Law of Attraction to work for you? There is!

Move over LOA. Let’s make some magic!

Tired of visualizing and waiting, believing and exercising faith, trying hard to attract positive changes, but just not seeing results?

Bring changes into your reality directly and easily with powerful mind magic!

Mind magic requires no special objects, no spells, and no rituals. It’s easy to learn, easy to practice, and fun!

Does this describe you?

Have you:

Read about creating your own reality and wished you could get it to work?
Put effort into positive thought and made a little change - but nothing truly magical?
Imagined what life could be like if only you could get this LOA thing to work?
Thought that real magic, if it exists, is only for devoted gurus or must require rigorous routines you just can’t do?

Wanna move way past LOA ideas into a realm of working quick, easy magic that could better your life today?

This audiobook is for you! It’s for the one who’s learned about mind power and reality creation but hasn’t gotten them to work in their own life - who’s heard of miracles and success stories or seen the movie The Secret, and would like to experience those things too - who believes in positive thinking but would like to see it move mountains in their own life.

This aiudiobook is for the curious - the one who has no experience in real magic, doesn’t have time to study it, but wants some shortcuts to help with life’s little challenges - the one who wishes they knew a bit of magic here and there to influence things but only wants to put a little effort into it. 

In this well-written audiobook, you’re going to learn powerful magic you can do with only your mind. Merlin Starlight makes it easy to understand the science and principles of magic and simple to practice them. Includes dozens of practical exercises in magic that you can do to improve your life in: Health/wellness, money/job, protection, body image, sleep, and more! Start today and you’ll be working real magic very soon!

Shane Matsumoto
hr min
February 24
Merlin Starlight