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Feel disconnected from your spouse or partner? Struggle to keep your relationship fresh? Worried that everything will end in heartbreak?

It's easy to fall in love. The challenging part is keeping that spark alive while you and your partner deal with "the real world."

Your relationship can often seem less urgent than the day-to-day emergencies that you deal with - your job, finances, children, and that to-do list full of chores. They all demand your immediate attention. So how do you find the time to nurture your love and intimacy? 

What often gets lost in the shuffle is the love you share with your partner. Maybe you've neglected some of the positive habits you adopted when you were dating to win over your love partner. Or perhaps all of your conversations seem to end in arguments? Or worse, you might occasionally wonder if your relationship is even worth salvaging.

The solution: Build mindful relationship habits: If you want to build a deeper connection with your spouse or partner, then one solution is to build "mindful relationship habits." 

In a mindful relationship, you are intentional about all your choices and interactions with your partner. You become more proactive in responding to each other's needs and less reactive to the challenges that often arise. You evolve to a higher level of interaction with one another.

In Mindful Relationship Habits, Wall Street Journal best-selling authors S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport show you how to have a more mindful relationship by applying 25 specific practices. These habits will help you be more present with one another, communicate better, avoid divisive arguments, and understand how to respond to one another's needs in a more loving, empathic, and conscious way.

With the relationship advice outlined in this audiobook, you will get insights and lessons learned from a variety of relationship and mindfulness experts - all backed by scientific research.

Each habit presented offers a clear explanation of why it's valuable to the health of your relationship and instructions on how to make the habit a natural part of your interactions with your partner.

Amy Barron Smolinski
hr min
February 28
S.J. Scott

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ppppissycat ,

Great resouce

Great information for couples- helps encourage looking within and taking responsibility for your own emotions and actions. This book helped me to validate some of my own feelings And also recognize bad habits I didn’t realize I had. Recommend trying this before spending lots of money on counseling.

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