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Achieve miracles with the practice of mindfulness.

Do you feel like a victim of distractions? Do you long for happiness and peace of mind? Are you often stressed out at work or home? If you answered yes, then this audiobook should be your next. It will teach you practical ways of mastering your body, mind, and spirit.

What if I told you that you have ability to perform extraordinary feats that will be considered impossible by others? Sounds too good to be true? Don't underestimate your own powers. The secret to this has actually been uncovered more than 2,000 years ago! Athletes have used it to win Olympic medals, scientists for Nobel Prizes, and monks for achieving Zen-like states. This open secret is the practice of mindfulness.

This audiobook is a modern approach to the ancient art of mindfulness. It has been designed as a practical step-by-step guide for beginners but also has some additional insights for advanced mindfulness meditation practitioners. Here are 10 things you will learn from this audiobook:

What mindfulness is and how it can help you
Ten practical techniques to achieve mindfulness
How to become a more calm and grounded person
The numerous health benefits of mindfulness meditation (vipassana)
How to cultivate a daily habit of mindfulness for beginners
The nature of stress and anxiety and how to get rid of them
What the leading research on mindfulness is pointing at
How to develop self-awareness with mindfulness and self-inquiry
What it feels like to have a focused mind
How to boost your empathy and improve your relationships

You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not content on the inside, you can never be happy. The key to mastering your inside, i.e. your thoughts and emotions, is through mindfulness. It will help you control the monkey mind and develop awareness, focus, empathy, and happiness. Among other things, it will teach you:

How to live in the moment: Great accomplishments have been made through the seemingly simple process of living in the present instead of the past or future. It is a state of optimal existence where you channel your undivided attention onto the task at hand.
How to find your focus: Attention is a depleting mental resource. The secret for a laser-sharp focus is to train yourself for selective attention and eliminate distractions.
How to achieve inner peace and happiness: When is the last time you felt truly happy in life? Do you crave fulfillment? Are you tired of looking for external sources for pleasure? With mindfulness, you will achieve lasting happiness.
How to become stress-free and anxiety-free: Are you a sensitive person? Do you experience social anxiety? Letting go of control and micro-management can do wonders for your peace of mind as well as your physical health.

Lisa Morehead
hr min
January 24
Dharma Hazari

Customer Reviews

drWhitehall ,

It Helped Me

I really liked this nice introduction to mindfulness. I didn’t know much about the subject and decided to explore it further. This has really changed my perspective on my past perceptions of meditation being ‘new agey’ or simply something that wasn't for me. It was great, easy to understand and informative. I would recommend this book.

IvyBeans ,

Extremely Useful, Thank You!

I really enjoyed this! An easy listen with lots of great information containing practical exercises and plenty of resources. It’s exactly what I needed and highly effective! Great for anyone searching for a simple way to achieve a healthier mindset.

MountainMama108 ,

Give it a try

Easy to understand. Practical application. Great for beginners and those curious about the subject. Book also provides extra resources.

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