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America's elite have been using cash value life insurance to stockpile wealth for centuries. Used correctly, it is better described as a personal bank on steroids, and a financial bunker for tough times.

To be clear, this audiobook is not about the typical garbage peddled by most insurance agents. Rather, an alternative to the risky investment strategies taught by Wall Street. It details a highly efficient form of cash value life insurance designed to supercharge your savings and stockpile wealth. A product so powerful it's responsible for the success of Walt Disney, JC Penney, Ray Kroc, and thousands of others.

Here's what you'll discover:

How the wealthy use this vehicle to create more wealth, take less risk, and create predictable income they can't outlive
Why banks and corporations place billions of dollars in this powerful vehicle
How I earned over 300 percent returns leveraging my life insurance policies
How you can create a safe, predictable foundation to enhance every financial decision you make
How to win with taxes and keep more of the money you make

While the information compiled into this book is valuable, you'll also find three case studies that show you exactly how it works. You'll be able to visually see how it grows, how it's accessed, as well as the future income that can be taken.

Alan Caudle
hr min
February 9
Jake Thompson

Customer Reviews

QualityController ,

Great Book

I was a little hesitant to buy this without a lot of reviews, but after I checked out the Amazon reviews I was actually really excited to listen to it (It has almost 5 stars on Amazon and over 50 reviews).

Not much fluff here, just gets to the point including some numbers and projections, which I really appreciated.

Highly recommend this to anyone trying to understand how to use life insurance as a safe way to save money and acquire wealth. Very eye opening and well done.

Randall-T ,

Don't Waste Your Money

This book is nothing more than a poorly researched sales pitch littered with half truths and cherry picked numbers... just a few pages in do you suddenly realize the author is a real life salesman with very little background in complete financial planning.

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