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Moneyball is a quest for something as elusive as the Holy Grail, something that money apparently can't buy: the secret of success in baseball. The logical places to look would be the giant offices of major league teams and the dugouts. But the real jackpot is a cache of numbers collected over the years by a strange brotherhood of amateur baseball enthusiasts: software engineers, statisticians, Wall Street analysts, lawyers, and physics professors.

In a narrative full of fabulous characters and brilliant excursions into the unexpected, Lewis shows us how and why the new baseball knowledge works. He also sets up a sly and hilarious morality tale: Big Money, like Goliath, is always supposed to win . . . how can we not cheer for David?

Sports & Outdoors
Michael Lewis
hr min
May 13
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Mbailey334 ,

Great Book

As an a previous player through college, and coach of my teenage kids, I found this audio book fantastic, could hardly put down, thought it was read well.

Gilman88 ,

Interesting, but definitely not the Bible of Baseball

Lewis has definitely compiled a great set objective viewpoints that will enlighten any baseball enthusiast, but Billy Beane is far from the "genius" that Lewis and much of the sporting world consider him to be. He has never won a championship and Oakland has not finished above .500 since 2006, which validates Bud Selig's famous statement that the A's in the early 2000's were a statistical aberration. His theories have not stood the test of time (or even a decade), but this is absolutely worth the read (or listen).

beckvold ,


Changed the way i think about baseball. Any baseball fan will love it and learn to appreciate the game more. He mixes a story about Billy Beane as well as the history of the thought process he used to turn the game on his head. Very smartly written.

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