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Moneyball is a quest for something as elusive as the Holy Grail, something that money apparently can't buy: the secret of success in baseball. The logical places to look would be the giant offices of major league teams and the dugouts. But the real jackpot is a cache of numbers collected over the years by a strange brotherhood of amateur baseball enthusiasts: software engineers, statisticians, Wall Street analysts, lawyers, and physics professors.

In a narrative full of fabulous characters and brilliant excursions into the unexpected, Lewis shows us how and why the new baseball knowledge works. He also sets up a sly and hilarious morality tale: Big Money, like Goliath, is always supposed to win . . . how can we not cheer for David?

Sports & Outdoors
Scott Brick
hr min
March 20
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Tobycstephens ,

Moneyball is a WINNER!

Not really a professsional sports fan (especially if the owners and players keep striking), and saw a preview for the upcoming movie. I wanted to read it, but never have the time to actually "read" these days. I saw it on audio through iTunes and it was consideralby less than buying it in a superstore. The book was rivetting. I must confess I am a numbers nerd and the statistics of baseball--or lack therof--caught me. Definitely worth my time and yours too!

Ralph from Jersey ,

A tad too technical, but worth a listen.

If you are a true baseball fan, you'll appreciate this book. It gets a little over-the-top with its analysis of the game and statistics, but I came away with a little more perspective into the game that I have loved since my youth. This is a far cry from the movie; but both are very good.

Eldoric ,

More Than Just Baseball

This is a great read if you like baseball but also dives into baseball as an organization. Continuing to develop a profession is generally a great idea. This book show how the A's did that even with resistance of the greater baseball community. Evident by the swing in baseball to use analytics in its decision making processes, this book and the efforts of the A's have achieved adoption in the baseball community.

Wonderful Read. Check it out.

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