Mother's Day Murder

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Publisher Description

Holiday Cozy Mystery series is a spin-off of Tonya Kappes' popular A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery series! You do not want to miss Violet Rhinehammer's journey and some appearances from our beloved Laundry Club Ladies and favorite characters from A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery crossover series!

Sometimes Mama doesn't know best!

It's Mother's Day in Holiday Junction, and Violet Rhinehammer is covering all the Mother's Day events in the holiday town and not alone! Her mother, Millie Kay Rhinehammer, drops in for a visit unannounced to see exactly why her daughter decide to stay in the small town instead of coming home to Kentucky to their beloved Daniel Boone National Park.

Millie Kay is easily charmed by Mother's Day Festival, but her sweet Southern charm doesn't go over well with everyone. While Violet is running all over Holiday Junction to report for the Junction Journal, Millie Kay is joining in on the festival activities.

Millie Kay and local Sally Westin get into a public fight over a dessert Millie Kay says she won fair and square in the cake walk.

And when Sally Westin is murdered, everyone is pointing the finger to the non-local in town, Millie Kay Rhinehammer.

Everyone but Violet.

Holiday Cozy Mystery series is your one-stop enjoyment for cozy mysteries set during the holidays. Some of them will be released before the intended holiday, but most won't because Tonya writes these exclusively for her Patreon group and releases them as she sees fit. If you'd like more information on the Patreon group, you can go to Tonya's website in her Amazon bio to check it out.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Elizabeth Demetrios
hr min
September 21
Tonya Kappes Books