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Hillary Jordan's mesmerizing debut novel won the Bellwether Prize for fiction. A powerful piece of Southern literature, Mudbound takes on prejudice in its myriad forms on a Mississippi Delta farm in 1946. City girl Laura McAllen attempts to raise her family despite questionable decisions made by her husband. Tensions continue to rise when her brother-in-law and the son of a family of sharecroppers both return from WWII as changed men bearing the scars of combat.

Ezra Knight
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January 1
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Customer Reviews

DMarie23 ,


This book is phenomenal. This was a book club read, and it's definitely in our top 5 favorite of all time. I love how there are so many narraters. This is a must read!

mmm mmm mmm ,

Oh, y'all, please.

Endless degradation and hopelessness. Another Yankee-educated, Brooklyn-dwelling, non-Deltan writer exploits the obvious half-truths, avoiding the real, redemptive life that is and has always been in Mississippi, in general, and, in The Delta, in particular. Read/listen to Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant for the contemporary reality (and, Grant, is a Brit/New Yorker). Read/listen to any/all of Walker Percy for more beautifully, more truthfully written stories of Alluvia by a native. Jordan has her made-for-movie book and tired stereotypes are propagated for tisking suburban family room audiences.

Ashley Bucquoy ,

Dear Mudbound,

This novel is a mind-bending, heart-wrenching story of a love between friends, family, and amongst human kind. Both reading the book and listening to the audio tape, I find myself caught on the edge of my seat every time the climax sets in. Laughter will roll from your tongue and tears from your eyes, for the words have been etched into my mind with a sweet adhesion that will stick with me through the years. It is definitely worth the time and the money. Good work Hillary Jordan. I applaud you for creating this remarkable piece of artwork.

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