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In this humorous and relatable novel from Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary, a girl must overcome her rebellious attitude toward learning cursive.

At first, Maggie is just feeling stubborn when she declares she won't learn cursive. What's wrong with print, anyway? And she can easily type on a computer, so why would she need to know how to read those squiggly lines? But soon all her classmates are buzzing about Maggie's decision, especially after her teacher, Mrs. Leeper, says Maggie's cursive is so sloppy that her name looks like "Muggie."

With "Muggie Maggie" ringing in her ears, Maggie absolutely, positively won't back down...until she's appointed class mail messenger. All the letters that Mrs. Leeper sends to the office are in cursive, and Maggie thinks they are written about her. But there's only way to know for sure...so what's Maggie going to do?

For generations, Beverly Cleary has captivated readers of all ages with beloved characters such as Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, Ribsy, and Ralph S. Mouse. Muggie Maggie follows suit with what School Library Journal calls "a likable, funny heroine whom readers will want to know."

Kids & Young Adults
Kathleen McInerney
hr min
April 21

Customer Reviews

Cutebluejay ,

An audiobook you'll listen to over and over...

This is one of the shortest books in Beverly Cleary's collection of children's literature, but it is no less charming and timeless in quality. There is a reason why Cleary's stories, which were first published in the 1950's, continue to be so popular and well-loved in today's libraries, classsrooms, and home collections. She is a truly inspiring author who finds a way to capture a child's thoughts and reactions enough to convince readers that she understands and appreciates kids exactly as they are. Characters like Maggie reflect real children without talking down to them. I first read this book as a child and could totally relate to Maggie's feelings, but now, as a young adult and educator, I can identify with the efforts of Maggie's teachers and parents. That's the magic of Beverly Cleary's writing style, and that's why I gladly paid to add this audiobook to my iPod, even though I've held onto all my old copies of her books. The narrator also does a good job here, so overall, I would highly recommend that you try this book, whether you're a kid or an adult who grew up with Beverly Cleary's timeless classics.

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