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Everything you need to know about making music in one place! 

Grab your chance to own this two book bundle by Tommy Swindali. Covering everything you need to know about Music Production, Songwriting, Music Theory and Creativity. Including: 

Music Production the Advanced Guide on How to Produce for Music Producers
Music Elements: Music Theory, Songwriting, Lyrics & Creativity Explained

Music Production the Advanced Guide on How to Produce for Music Producers

Do you love producing music?  Do you know what it takes to go from being a bedroom producer to a successful hit maker? 


If you believe you have what it takes then keep reading and let's create a masterpiece!

With all the music production advice out there, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. You may get a vague idea of the general topic, but you're more likely to be confused, and you definitely won't have any workable knowledge.

Well, the good news is this book changes that. Designed to take the complex world of music production, and explain it in simple terms. If you are a home-based musician then this is a must have for making your music sound professional. For the pros and semi-pros out there, this is a great book for understanding what good music production entails. 

You can apply this knowledge to any genre of music and your music will sound balanced, clean, professionally mixed. 


Music Elements: Music Theory, Songwriting, Lyrics & Creativity Explained


Do you struggle writing songs?  Have you ever tried learning music theory but found it hard or thought that it wasn't necessary? 

If you are finding that you are writing songs, and whilst they sound good, there is something missing then read on. What you are missing is the sense of harmony and emotion that professional producers and songwriters have. Your about to discover everything you need to know about music theory, songwriting, lyrics, and creativity.  

Turn Your Songs Into An Emotional Journey 

It's time to embrace your inner artist, make your own rules, and start creating like never before. Whether you're just starting out as a songwriter or are a more experienced one looking for a new perspective, then this book will help you.

Studying music can be a long journey, but with this book, you'll gain tons of vital information in a short period of time. With this knowledge I promise you that your songs will be better than 90 percent of the songs you hear on the radio. 


More importantly, no matter where your songs end up, you will be confident you have written your best music.

What are you waiting for?


Start making music by uncovering all the tools you need today. 


Buy this book today!

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