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Find your unique voice with the art of musical expression.

Are you curious about music and want to know how it is created?

Do you love music and want to learn its foundation and begin a hobby or career as a musician?

Have you ever had problems learning music theory or have you thought it was not necessary, boring or too difficult to learn?

Are you tired of books that promise everything while delivering nothing?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading.

Music is a calling. Any great musician will tell you that it is an inseparable part of him/herself. But in order to practice it, you need to first learn to read and understand it. Sadly, some people do not commit themselves to the discipline and give up.

Very few things are quite as exquisite as music. Music is the language of the soul and used to create symphonic poetry. It gives a voice to your personality so you can vibrantly communicate it with the world. But like any language, music needs to be learned before you can speak it. This book will be your constant companion to help you get started quickly even if you’re a complete beginner and know nothing about music theory. It will make you aware of your personal style and guide you from the ground up.

Here’s a preview of this amazing book, and what else you’ll learn:

A concise and clear teaching method for beginners
What is music theory, and how you can uniquely develop as a musician by adopting it to suit your peculiar style
An introduction to the philosophy of music, and what are the elements that comprise music theory
Understanding the distinction between whether music is an art of a science, and what role does notation and timing have to play in it
Know why is the staff important to explore the full capability of your musical instrument
Get to know the nuances within intervals, scales and modes to help characterize your music
How the major and minor keys can help you create a wide spectrum of musical notes and truly explore the art of your personal expression
Varying patterns designed to help anyone learn music
A bonus exercise book with over 25 exercises
Self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter to guide you

And much more...Whether you have decided to pursue music as a hobby or career or are thinking about it, it is the best investment you will ever make with your passion and time. Music will not only beautify your life but will also allow you to artfully express yourself and captivate the imagination of others. This book is absolutely practical, fluid, and will show you how to do it and give you the tools and techniques you need to shine and delight your audiences.

This book will inspire you to launch a brilliant passion as an aspiring musician.

So, scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button and let’s get you started! 

John William
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June 18
Roy Maxwell