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I am the narcissist. You and I made a covenant, a binding agreement, when we first met. I didn’t tell you about it, but you wanted to enter into a relationship with me, thus you unknowingly opted in. Didn’t you collect intel on me to try to determine my true nature before I ensnared you?

That is your own fault. Why wouldn’t you get to know my nature before you had sex with me? That’s right, it was my charming and glib personality. It was the way that I mirrored whatever you wanted back to you. You thought I was your soul mate, remember? Your twin flame. I mirrored you to yourself.

I pretended to like all the hobbies you liked. Pretended to like all the music you liked. Later, when I came up with new likes and new hobbies, because someone else was influencing me, you became confused. Then, I told you that we didn’t have anything in common. That we weren’t really alike after all. That I don’t know what I ever saw in you.

I asked you lots of questions when we first met so that I would pretend to be whatever it was that you were looking for. You didn’t realize it, but I was also asking you some key questions to determine how useful you would be to me. How much do you make? Do you pay any money to any other exes? Do you pay child support on anyone?

These things might exclude you as a source of primary fuel, because I will not have full access to your resources. I cannot bleed you for all that you are worth. This is because, as a narcissist, I do not like sharing. When I say that I don’t like sharing, I don’t just mean sharing you with other men. I mean I don’t like sharing your resources with other men. I want all of your income to be spent on me. I want you to pay me alimony if ever I marry and then divorce you. I want your income to come to me if we ever divorce and I take your children.

You promised to cherish me forever if I gave you my fantasy world that I created for you. You agreed to a whole myriad of things. Did you forget? If you did, I am here to remind you. You signed your soul over to the devil when you met me. I am here to collect my dues.

Science & Nature
Gary Roelofs
hr min
January 11
JB Snow Publishing