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Susie Bright, founder of Best American Erotica, presents a classic, taboo-breaking collection of men’s erotic fiction - featuring the most unrepentant gay literary heroes of our generation. Legendary writers like John Preston, Samuel Delany, Steven Saylor/Aaron Travis, Lars Eighner, Dennis Cooper - who can imagine men’s intimate and transgressive lives without them?

The editor’s closing chapter gives a surprising appraisal of how these remarkable authors came to be published - and who found themselves under attack when their stories hit too close to home. This is a sizzling, brilliant, and historic group of stories you’ll never forget.

From Citre et Trans by Samuel Delany, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"Indio" by Al Lujan, read by Mirron Willis
"The Hit" by Steven Saylor/Aaron Travis, read by Christian Noble
"Queer Punk" by Bob Vickery, read by Richard Brewer
"A Puja to Ganesha" by Simon Sheppard, read by Mirron Willis
"The Trade" by Lars Eighner, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"Spurt" by Kevin Killian, read by Stephen Hoye
"Dr. Fell" by Michael Bronski, read by Richard Brewer
"The Maltese Dildo" by Adam McCabe, read by Steve Hoye
"Calcutta" by Bob VIckery, read by Steve Hoye
"The Queen of Exit 17" by Ernie Cornick, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"Sink" by Matthew Bernstein Sycamore, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"Sunday" by Dan Taulapapa McMullin, read by Mirron Willis
"That's Awful That's Nothing" by Wade Kreuger, read by Mirron Willis
"In This Corner" by Charles Flowers, read by Stephen Hoye
"Champagne Tastes on a Crystal Budget" by Gary Rosen, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"The Whole Bloody Story of My Life from Beginning to End" by Shaun Levin, read by Stephen Hoye
"Semen in a Bullet" by Scott, read by Jeff Paul
"In Deep" by Simon Sheppard, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"It's Never Too Late in New York" by Nelson George, read by Nelson George
"High Risk" by Bob Vickery, read by Ian August
From The Sluts by Dennis Cooper, read by Stefan Rudnicki
"Blue Light" by Steven Saylor/Aaron Travis, read by Stefan Rudnicki

Stefan Rudnicki, Mirron Willis, Christian Noble, Richard Brewer, Steve Hoye, Nelson George, Jeff Paul, Ian August
hr min
April 3
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Gay sex

Hot and sexy with extra men cocks

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Gay men

This so hot and sexy

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