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New York Times best-selling author James Frey pens the candid memoir of his recovery from drug and alcohol addictions with My Friend Leonard. After a stint in jail, James is rocked by further tragedy. Teetering on the brink of breakdown, he turns to a friend from rehab, Leonard. A largerthan- life mobster, Leonard becomes James’ loyal and generous adoptive father, teaching him to “live boldly.” The powerful narration of Andy Paris will make listeners wish for their own friend like Leonard.

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Andy Paris
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January 1
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Customer Reviews

KayDee ,

A fantastic follow up!

This book is a fantastic follow up if you have read or listened "A Million Little Pieces". This book picks up right where James Frey's previous book ended. A great story on how to survive the crappy hand of cards life has dealt to you. The friendship between James and Leonard is truely amazing, an unconditional love and respect for eachother that i can only imagine i will someday experience. A must have if you enjoyed "A Million Little Pieces"

Sherri Eubanks ,

My Friend Leonard

I enjoyed this book immensely!!! James, a man who depended on words he found real and honest to push him through his recovery in the last book as opposed to the 12 step program that was pressed upon him, has offered a book full of honesty. Such honesty. James Frey offers us, through both of his books, bare and simple truth. He is my hero. Thank you, James.

AMC Hiker 56 ,

An Outstanding Work of Literature

Let me take the time to point my review on the cold hearted people that can't give a guy a chance when it comes to writing a book about his addiction to alcohol and drugs. I will admit that Mr. Frey did fudge a bit of the truth BUT! none the less, it is still a great book and better than the first one. The book really makes you want be a close friend of Leonard and have him to support you. I loved this book and I think others with half a heart will as well.

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