My Guy on the 9th Floor: Radical Enlightenment, A Handbook for Leveling-Up Your Consciousness, Fulfillment, and Connection to Your Higher Self (Unabridged‪)‬

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It happened in an instant but the feeling lasted more than an hour. Wave after wave of glowing, humming energy coursed through me. I remember crying…or was it laughing? No, it was cry-laughing. Luckily, I was lying down because otherwise, I would have collapsed. It was like pure love and pure energy had been injected into my veins and was flooding every atom of my body. My eyes were closed, and I had a blackout-mask on, but I needed to squint because the white-hot light that shone behind my closed eyes was as bright as the noonday sun.I had been on a personal journey for a few years, looking for answers to something that I knew was there, but was just out of reach. The funny thing is, this was not the destination I had expected or even knew I was looking for. I think that was why I was laughing. The crying? That was because I had never felt more complete, more whole, or more "at home" at any other time in my life. This was the moment that I met my higher-self for the very first time.

Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor is a practical, step-by-step user’s guide on how to free yourself from the prison of our 3-dimensional world, expand into new dimensions of consciousness, and "hack" inner-peace to never again suffer a bad day. Interspersed with stories of my own experiences, this manual is a handbook and reference guide for thriving in our entangled, energetic, and interconnected world. A world we are all part of and intrinsically connected to, but a world that is just beyond our 3-dimensional perceptions. 

Built on a foundation of ancient wisdom and contemporary 21st-century science, Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor delivers end-to-end insights, actions, ideas, and practices that anyone can employ on their own journey of expansion towards mastering their own energy, thriving in our messy, beautiful, tragic, and wonderful world, and connecting to their own personal interpretation of higher-self.

Take what you need, leave what you don't.

Kevin Russell
hr min
August 25
Radical Enlightenment, LLC

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