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In her hilarious New York Times best seller You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, Heather McDonald recounted her adventures as an unwilling virgin in Hollywood. Now happily married with three wonderful kids, she shows that life as a grown-up - even a pretend grown-up - has its challenges. Heather’s a working mom with parents who live next door, a sister who keeps asking for one of her still-fertile eggs, and friends who are up to more hijinks than even Heather can handle.

This self-proclaimed "Real Housewife of Woodland Hills" is determined to achieve A-list status (thus expanding her entourage beyond her three school-aged children and a house-husband who is infuriatingly bad at collecting neighborhood gossip) and defeat (or at least be accepted by) the mean neighborhood moms who judge her for taking her kids to a stripper pool party in Vegas. It’s a lot to juggle when she’s also battling her Chelsea Lately coworkers for the crudest and most elaborate practical jokes (don’t ask her about that "free" Vera Wang dress).

Just as laugh-out-loud funny and irreverent in her storytelling as she is on camera as Chelsea Handler’s partner-in-crime, in My Inappropriate Life Heather recounts her misadventures with a disarming candor all her own.

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Heather McDonald
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February 5
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Customer Reviews

Nicole sav ,

Pretty good

This book was pretty funny. It's not one that I will run out and tell all my friends to buy, but it kept me entertained.

RVABrewster ,

Mood booster!

Heathers second book is just as good as her first. Very funny and relatable. I love that she reads her audiobooks herself.

Jennred ,

Buy the book, not the audiobook

While the content of the book is very funny, listening to Heather read the book is difficult. There are several long pauses and you can hear her lick her lips and swallow after almost every sentence. It is very distracting and some of the jokes don't come over well with the pauses. Overall, funny book, but I recommend you actually reading the book versus listening to it.

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