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President Bill Clinton’s My Life is the strikingly candid portrait of a global leader who decided early in life to devote his intellectual and political gifts, and his extraordinary capacity for hard work, to serving the public.

It shows us the progress of a remarkable American, who, through his own enormous energies and efforts, made the unlikely journey from Hope, Arkansas, to the White House—a journey fueled by an impassioned interest in the political process which manifested itself at every stage of his life: in college, working as an intern for Senator William Fulbright; at Oxford, becoming part of the Vietnam War protest movement; at Yale Law School, campaigning on the grassroots level for Democratic candidates; back in Arkansas, running for Congress, attorney general, and governor.

We see his career shaped by his resolute determination to improve the life of his fellow citizens, an unfaltering commitment to civil rights, and an exceptional understanding of the practicalities of political life.

We come to understand the emotional pressures of his youth—born after his father’s death; caught in the dysfunctional relationship between his feisty, nurturing mother and his abusive stepfather, whom he never ceased to love and whose name he took; drawn to the brilliant, compelling Hillary Rodham, whom he was determined to marry; passionately devoted, from her infancy, to their daughter, Chelsea, and to the entire experience of fatherhood; slowly and painfully beginning to comprehend how his early denial of pain led him at times into damaging patterns of behavior.

President Clinton’s book is also the fullest, most concretely detailed, most nuanced account of a presidency ever written—encompassing not only the high points and crises but the way the presidency actually works: the day-to-day bombardment of problems, personalities, conflicts, setbacks, achievements.

It is a testament to the positive impact on America and on the world of his work and his ideals.

It is the gripping account of a president under concerted and unrelenting assault orchestrated by his enemies on the Far Right, and how he survived and prevailed.

It is a treasury of moments caught alive, among them:

• The ten-year-old boy watching the national political conventions on his family’s new (and first) television set.

• The young candidate looking for votes in the Arkansas hills and the local seer who tells him, “Anybody who would campaign at a beer joint in Joiner at midnight on Saturday night deserves to carry one box. . . . You’ll win here. But it’ll be the only damn place you win in this county.” (He was right on both counts.)

• The roller-coaster ride of the 1992 campaign.

• The extraordinarily frank exchanges with Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole.

• The delicate manipulation needed to convince Rabin and Arafat to shake hands for the camera while keeping Arafat from kissing Rabin.

• The cost, both public and private, of the scandal that threatened the presidency.

Here is the life of a great national and international figure, revealed with all his talents and contradictions, told openly, directly, in his own completely recognizable voice. A unique book by a unique American.

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Bill Clinton
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June 22
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Customer Reviews

mjw612 ,

Excellent read, regardless of your party

I find it unsettling that people have taken it upon themselves to use this review board on itunes as a way to bash Clinton, it just shows you how ridiculous this country has become when people who know nothing about politics try to form opinons. If you look at where our country is now, and where it was when he was in office, it's really hard to justify any negative opinion of him. That, however, is besides the point.

This book is an excellent and insightful read, more interesting and well written than some other presidential releases have been. If you are a liberal, moderate, conservative, whatever... If you want some insight it's worth a glance at (or listen to, on itunes).

Also, at least when Bill was in office the minimum wages kept up with inflation.

dj.john.england ,


A candid, personal look at an extraordinary life. Mr. Clinton does a great job, though lengthy at times, and goes in to great detail. While he gives you pretty much exactly the type of political autobiography you might expect, the best part is his evaluations on the present and future situations facing our country.

DrStone ,

Sheesh this is not a political bashing forum.

I feel that most of you that have read the book are honest and have given credit where credit is due. This is an excellent book from one of our historys best presidents. Look at the country now and where its heading sheesh. So he messed up once and got caught, if it wasent for the media that would have never been near the political BS agenda that it was. Look at history when forming your opionion of how presidents have acted. JFK need I say more, he is looked at as one of the greatest presidents this nation has had and yet hmm did he womanize and cheat on his wife? Well sure did didnt he. Its no big surprise that these men are only human and just that. All that needs to be said is that Monica will be a footnote in history and Clinton will be looked back on as bringing this nation out of debt along with many other economic triumps that our current administration has managed to kill in no time.

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