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By all accounts, Thomas Andrews, designer of the ill-fated Titanic, went down with the ship. How, then, could someone else know, not only the vivid and horrific details of what Andrews experienced that tragic night, but also, details of his entire life?
How indeed! Since his youth, William Barnes has been haunted by a recurring nightmare, a huge ship looming overhead, piercing screams, heated arguments, frigid water stabbing his body, and a giant peach-colored mass of steel falling on him. At the age of four, Barnes drew a ship with four smokestacks, talked of his ship that had died, insisted on being called "Tommie", and spoke of brothers and a sister he didn't have. More than simply a child's imagination, these scenes are remnants from another time and place in history, another life!

As an adult, the ongoing nightmares pulled Barnes into a deep depression. Ordered to seek help by his employer, Barnes was referred to psychologist Frank Baranowski, Ph.D., who used regression therapy as a clinical tool and who has conducted thousands of regression sessions.

Baranowski uncovers, within Barnes, the persona of an Irish shipbuilder named Thomas Andrews, who died during one of the most dramatic events of the 20th century and captures one of the most convincing cases of reincarnation ever recorded.

William Barnes and Frank Baranowski, Ph.D.
hr min
January 1
Edin Book, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Chris Todder ,


Whether true or fiction, I certainly enjoyed the story. It was a different human perspective far beyond the typical first class only perspective of Titanic. Totally worth the time and small investment for big ship fans.

hkalber3 ,

Special Place

I've always had some emotional attachment to the Titanic and never understood why. I was always so embarrassed by it, growing up I would bust into tears whenever I would see anything related to Titanic. I'd speak of strange things in my sleep as if I were on the ship. This book helped me so much and it made me feel "okay" with what I believe was a past life as well.

mehall7 ,


I so much enjoyed listening to this audio book. The accent was so authentic and it was so vivid in detail that you almost forget it is a regression and you think it is a book as it makes you feel as if you were right there. You wont regret buying this book, but you will hate when it is over as you want it never to end.

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