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Mystery shopping is a unique industry that allows management to get an inside look at various aspects of their businesses 
Mystery shops can evaluate customer service, store appearance, availability and placement of promotional signage, and so much more! 
Traditional mystery shops are covert and in-person, but non-traditional shops, such as revealed and remote shops, are becoming more popular 
Video and mobile shops are competing for the fastest growing segment of the mystery shopping industry 
Mystery shopping is extremely flexible, allowing you to only apply for shops that fit into your schedule 
Confidentiality and maintaining anonymity are pillars of mystery shopping 
Shop aggregators like Jobslinger and MS Job Board make searching for available shops in your location so easy! 
Other great ways to find available shops are through mystery shopping forums and social media
There are literally hundreds of mystery shopping companies out there, so registering with all of them can be a bit tedious, but this book gives some tips that will make the process less cumbersome
Submitting great reports is essential for a successful mystery shopper, and this book shows you exactly how to do so!
Mystery shoppers own their own businesses, so researching laws in your city, county, and state about starting a business is crucial
Business taxes for mystery shopping can be complicated, but this book offers some basic advice on what is required and how to track income and expenses

About the Expert

Mystery shopping since the early 2000s, Penny Hodgin has seen and adapted to many changes in the mystery shopping industry. What began as a teenager’s side hustle to earn some extra cash and free meals has evolved into a passion for helping businesses treat their customers and employees with the respect they deserve by providing honest observations and factual reports. Brooks has shopped professionally in various industries including retail, financial, entertainment, real estate, food service, and more...and has truly enjoyed the experience gained from each and every shop! 

Hodgin lives on the East US Coast with her husband, two children, and grandmother. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Human Services in 2010 and has worked full-time in the mental health and education fields. She plans to retire to the beach as soon as possible! 

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