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Book 1: The Africans have a long history, although not everything has been preserved in writing. And many folklore stories have been passed on through generations. The African tribes vary as much as the colors of the rainbow.

Book 2: The African people hide secret treasures of wisdom and spiritual insights. In this guide, you will become more familiar with some of the most common gods and goddesses in African tribal worship.

Book 3: The extensive history of Africa provides us with a topic of curiosity and novelty. For this reason, this guide has been composed to help you understand some of the cultural anecdotes as well as the religious and traditional tales that have been told to previous generations.

Book 4: In this book, you will be taught about some of the most prestigious Egyptian gods and goddesses that were worshipped a long time ago. After some educational resources and information about them, we dive into some of the most intriguing stories the ancient Egyptian culture could muster, such as Isis and the seven scorpions, the peasant and the workman, the great queen Hatshepsut, and the princess of Bekhten. These myths will spark the imagination and leave you in wonder and awe.

Book 5: This guide will also entertain you with specific stories that the Egyptian mythology has left us with. You will read more (or listen) about the experiences of Sinuh, the land of the dead they believed in, and the story of the doomed prince.

Book 6: There are many gods and goddesses the ancient Egyptians believed in. Today, we will explore some of the most important ones, as well as expand on the stories of some heroes and characters that haven’t been forgotten through the ages.

Chloe Jacobson
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December 4
Efalon Acies