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Riches to rags … Chaos might be slowing … Only a new murder occurs … Sending her off the trail again …

It’s been a tough few weeks since Robin and Mathew, Doreen’s ex-lawyer and her ex-husband, slid back into her life.

Okay, so maybe Robin isn’t here any longer to cause torment, but Mathew is. And he’s not planning to leave Doreen alone anytime soon, although thankfully he’s gone back home for a while. Trying to recuperate looks doubtful for Doreen, when a local gardener is kidnapped, while picking nasturtiums for dinner.

The case heats up when the missing man’s niece appears on Doreen’s doorstep, looking for help, including asking Doreen to accompany her to the police station.

Not at all sure what’s going on, but willing to help someone in need—particularly after having been a suspect herself—Doreen tags along, looking to do her good deed for the day.

But no good deed goes unpunished, and, when Mathew calls, Doreen gets more than she bargained for, including all the usual suspects: love, jealousy, and … greed. It takes everything from her feathered and furred critter team to keep her safe, as she digs to the bottom of yet another crazy case …

Mysteries & Thrillers
Mandy Kaplan
hr min
August 4
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

winnimi2 ,


Why does the main character have to sound like a slow six year old? At one point she has a check cut to her and thinks the check won’t be good, or will somehow run out because it was cut. At the same time we are supposed to believe she’s so smart she can clove dozens of cold cases that the police couldn’t figure out. It seems this is written by a man because a woman wouldn’t think being stupid was cute. She’s in her 30’s and can’t even cook an egg or do the simplest chores. Even wealthy people can do the basics. I like the premise of the books, but I’m finding it harder and harder to accept that Doreen could find her way home, let alone solve crimes or function in any respect without a keeper. I don’t think I’ll continue on with the series. To bad.

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