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He's the inventor of Past-Tense TV (featuring "Got Smart," "Father Knew Best," and "It Was Left to Beaver"); the tireless crusader for such charities as the Center for Research into the Heebie Jeebies, Children of Parents with Bad Teeth, and the State Hospital for Those Who Felt All Right About a Year Ago; founder of the George Carlin Book Club (top titles: "How to Act Laid-Back During a Grease Fire," "Fill Your Life with Croutons," and "The Meaning of Corn"); and the only social commentator with the guts to point out that "the day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life."

Yes, George Carlin is back with more of what he does better than any other comic today: uproarious observations, laser-targeted crankiness, linguistic legerdemain, and inspired weirdness. ("If the shoe fits, get another just like it." "When you sneeze, all the numbers in your head go up by one.") Napalm & Silly Putty is just what his fans have been waiting for—another generous helping of notions, nonsense, assertions, assumptions, mockery, merriment, silliness, sarcasm, and, to be sure, plenty of disturbing references and toxic alienation. George wouldn't have it any other way.

George Carlin
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March 1
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slappywag64 ,


I am a huge fan of George Carlin and own a couple of his books including Napalm and Silly Putty so an audio version read by the man himself was too much to pass up, but lstening to it I realized that I have most of these bits on other albums. When done live they have an energy and enthusiasm that is somewhat lacking hear. A few of the bits have been modernized slightly to update the technology but for the most part are intact from the original form. His "Interview with Jesus" is from his A Place For My Stuff album and benefits with another actor playing the part of the interviewer and Carlin as Jesus. Some of the "short takes" are funny, but this audiobook is an abridged version which one can hear when music suddenly shifts from one melody to another. I don't regret the purchase but I am a bit underwhelmed by the product. This world is a lost less funny without George Carlin's cantankerous jabs at our irrational behaviour. Not many social critics have the twisted insight of Carlin. He is deeply missed.

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