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Do you want to learn how to spot the narcissists in your life? Can you avoid them and save yourself the headache of dealing with these people? If you think that narcissistic abuse and the injuries experienced by the victims are very real phenomena which need to be addressed then this book covers all that you need to know about who the narcissist is.

We discuss the narcissist's modus operandi and dive deep into the reasons behind why they do what they do. You will learn what the dynamics are in the relationship between the narcissist and her victim, who is usually an empathic, compassionate person.

We'll look at the process that the narcissist uses to get a hold of you and turn you into their narcissistic supply. This book will definitely help you truly understand all you need to about love bombing, devaluing, discarding, and hoovering. So when you are done reading, you will be able to predict with accuracy what the narcissist will do to his victims.

Understanding the way the narcissist operates gives you the upper hand, whether you've got to deal with one at work, or at an unavoidable family event. This book does more than help you learn their game. It also will give you all the tools you need to help you cut the narcissist out of your life once and for all. Put into practice, the tools in this book will also show you how to take back your power from the narcissist.

And further more

The cycle of abuse
Who is the narcissist partner
Why the victims stay victims and feel guilty
How to start recovery: Detachment and healing
The more advanced healing methods and therapy
How to live a full and healthy life after healing

Finally, you will learn everything that you need to about how to heal from the wounds the narcissist inflicts on you. Just because the wounds are invisible, does not mean they are not there. This book acknowledges the reality of narcissistic injury and shows you the first steps you need to take to become whole again.

Narcissistic abuse victims deserve to be heard. Their stories, their pain, their struggles are all valid. If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, then you definitely understand more than most just how monstrous and horrible the narcissist is. It is not something everyone has the misfortune of having to deal with.

In this book, we make it clear that none of this is your fault. Your qualities of empathy, love, and compassion are used against you by the narcissist, and this can make you feel like there's no point to being such an open, loving individual, lest you get taken advantage of again. With this book, you'll learn that not only are you not to blame; you are also not as weak as the narcissist would have you think. The narcissist chooses those who are strong. She chooses those who are everything she wishes she could be but knows she never will be. This book, in the end, will show you that you do not need to wallow in guilt, shame, blame or doubt anymore. You can rise above it all, and you can heal. Let this book help you along your journey.

You are not alone.

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