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Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend or girlfriend is a narcissist or if you dating one? Have you ever wondered how to deal with a narcissist when they're your ex? Then keep reading...

Being targeted by a narcissist is something that no one wants.

Narcissists tend to lie and exaggerate things to make themselves look better and respond aggressively to criticism. In addition to this, they also do the following:

Emotionally invalidate you
Manipulate and belittle you 
Have issues with jealousy and envy
They do not care about other people
They have extreme entitlement issues
Boundary violation
Lack of respect for your boundaries

You can see how this is a seriously abusive relationship and something that you need to avoid at all costs. You will be walking on eggshells the entire time as well as not being able to fully trust them. To keep you from falling into this trap, this book outlines not only the traits and definition of a narcissist but their mindset as well, so that you can get a deeper understanding of what they think and why they do the things that they do.  

There are also different types of narcissists and this is something that this book will make you aware of as well, so you can avoid all of them. This is going to help you have a healthy and safe relationship based on mutual trust and not abuse, which is what you need to be a happy person. 

Unfortunately, there are certain traits that we have as human beings that make us an easy target for these types of people. You’ll learn what makes you a target, and how to recognize if you are being targeted. Imagine how much safer you will be when you can avoid becoming a target of someone who is abusing people. 

We have made sure that you know how narcissists manipulate people to get their way, regardless of the others feelings or cares. 

One of the biggest dangers however, is gaslighting, a technique of psychological abuse used very often by narcissists. Falling into this trap is so dangerous that sometimes people can’t get out which is why it is vital to understand what it looks like and how it affects people.

In this book, you will learn:

Understanding the mind of a narcissist
Nine types of narcissists 
Traits that makes you a prime target for narcissists
Top signs you are the target of a narcissist 
Understanding narcissism deeply 
Tactics and methods that narcissists use to manipulate 
Clear examples of gaslighting and how to avoid it
14 signals that you're being gaslighted 
How to deal with a covert narcissist or a toxic ex 

Would you like to know more? 

Purchase now this book to protect yourself and never be abused again!

Kaylan McKinney
hr min
January 14
Debbie Walker