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Have you ever suffered from mental or emotional abuse? Have you lost self-esteem and confidence after an emotional or psychological trauma? Have you ever been in a toxic relationship but didn't know how to get out? Then, keep reading...

The truth is that many of us, at one time or another, find ourselves trapped in situations - whether at work, at home, or at our favorite hangout joints - where we struggle with our relationship with narcissistic people. Such individuals are the type who are domineering and self-centered in every way, and they always want you to see them as being better than you. Such people can even get to the levels where they become abusive when you prove to them that they are not better than you in everything.

The solution to your or a friend’s problem could be in understanding what narcissism is all about and heading down the road to healing. Of course, staying as far away as possible from the abuser and people like him or her should be one of the decisions you have to make quickly. Thereafter, you can look for the different types of treatments: psychotherapeutic treatment, meditation techniques, chakras balancing, and crystals healing.

The objective of this audiobook is to teach you how to heal after emotional and mental trauma through the different methods available. Living in such mental and emotional trauma will not only hold you or a loved one back from enjoying life but will contribute greatly to the feelings of low self-esteem, worthlessness, and a loss of purpose in life.

You will learn:

Ten signs that you are a victim of narcissistic abuse
The meaning of narcissistic victim syndrome (NVS)
The seven signs of emotional abuse
The four key stages of healing after narcissistic abuse
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to recover from mental and psychological trauma
Simple meditation and visualization techniques
The use of crystals and chakras meditation for healing
The meaning of mental toughness and how to cultivate it
Steps to rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem
Ways to break up toxic relationships and create new healthy ones
Ways to win new friends with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Methods to read people’s emotions and intentions with empathy
Ways to prevent future abuse 

Even if you think you can't get out of these painful situations, the simple but powerful techniques in this book will guide you step by step to heal and improve your mental, emotional, and psychological condition.

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Courtney Encheff
hr min
December 11
Stefano Bagaglio