Narcissistic Mothers: Healing the Daughters Victims of Narcissistic Mothers Through a Guide on How to Recognize Narcissism and Break Away from the Narcissist Parent and Start a Self-Healing Journey (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you feel overwhelmed by living with a narcissistic mother or cannot get rid of the trauma, then keep reading....

Helping a person with narcissism to heal is a challenging endeavor. You need to come up with a strategy to internalize and practice what you learn in this book. While you are working within this relationship, make sure you take care of yourself. This is important and requires respect for the model to work. Consult frequently. After each meeting, debrief. Exercise your health and well-being and take care of it. Do not customize the activities of narcissistic individuals.

Inside you will find an in-depth analysis of the disorder to enhance your understanding about it. As a result, you may change your perception about it and eventually view the victims differently. Similarly, a clear understanding puts off the myths and misconceptions associated with narcissistic personality disorder and gain grounds to support you in case of bullying or misinformation.

Anyone can go through this and no one should be discriminated for such an experience. Mothers with narcissistic personality disorder are more likely to seek therapy if they see it as a means to mend relationships. An important barrier to obtaining adequate professional therapy for narcissistic personality disorder arises from the nature of the disorder itself, as those afflicted with it are often unwilling or even unable to acknowledge the problem's presence.

A significant first step in promoting someone with NPD to undergo therapy is to convince them that the issue needs to be addressed. Keep in mind that it can be hard to circumvent someone with NPD's defense mechanisms and persuade them of the need for therapy. Approaching the situation without judgment or blame is useful and acknowledging that recovery is likely to be a long and continuous method. Only then will we be able to recognize our children, especially daughters, for who they are and help them achieve their complete, distinctive potential.

Inside you will find:

In-depth analysis of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) that includes cause and treatment.
The different faces of narcissism and their distinct characteristics
Common characteristics of NPD and how to tell the extent of the disorder.
The roles that fathers should play to protect their daughters from narcissistic mothers.
Effects that you might experience in case your narcissistic mother is harsh on you and if nothing is done to stop it.
How the disorder affects your relationship with your mother both in the short and long term
Various ways that have proven to treat the disorder and how to go about them
How easy and feasible ending the narcissism legacy is.

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