Narcissistic Mothers: Healing the Effects of Abusive Parenting and Recovering from the Psychological Trauma (Unabridged‪)‬

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I grew up with a narcissistic mother. For years, the woman who was supposed to love, nurture, and protect me would berate and humiliate me. I grew up feeling insecure, anxious, lonely, and confused as to why my mother didn’t show me the same affection other children received from their mother.

From a timid, eager to please child, I grew into a nervous, unstable teenager. This spilled over into my adulthood until I connected my instability to my narcissistic childhood. When I did this, I began my healing journey. I slowly built myself from the ground up; retracing my steps back to childhood and fixing the self-esteem, overly critical, and self-blaming traits I had been left with due to my childhood. 

As someone who has come out of the other side of narcissism, it’s something I’ve come to have a deep understanding and knowledge of. I’m passionate about connecting with other adult survivors of narcissistic mothers to hear their stories, as well as share our understanding of the abuse.

This book will encompass both of these factors. I will help you overcome your narcissistic childhood by offering you the following:

The different types of narcissistic mother, helping you can identify yours
The six traits you likely have because you were raised by a narcissistic mother
An insight into my narcissistic mother and how she affected me as a child and beyond
Helpful, mindful ways and exercises to help guide you through the healing process
Ways you can set boundaries with your mother, should you choose to have a relationship with her
My offering of advice on the road to closure - I’ve travelled that road, and I can give you my first hand experience

During my healing journey, I sought out other adult survivors of narcissistic mothers. I found them through forums, Facebook groups, and support groups. Each of us have a different story, a different mother and were all subject to different types of narcissism - but the outcome remains the same for the adult.

Sangita Chauhan
hr min
July 6
Mindful Productions

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