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Publisher Description

This highly acclaimed complete New American Standard Bible is the 1995 updated edition, recorded in clear digital audio in a convenient listening format. No distracting sound effects or background music. Ideal audio study Bible for any Christian, both for serious study and for casual listening. Ideal for listening to while you travel, work out, eat, or sleep. Take the Word with you wherever you go, and make it part of every day! About the Narrator: Steven B. Stevens is committed to communicating the Word of God clearly and understandably through his narration of the Bible. Over 3.5 million copies of his Bible recordings are distributed throughout the world.

List of parts:
Part 1: Genesis - Exodus
Part 2: Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy
Part 3: Joshua - Judges- Ruth - I Samuel
Part 4: II Samuel - I Kings - II Kings
Part 5: I Chronicles - II Chronicles - Ezra - Nehemiah - Esther
Part 6: Job - Psalms (1-51)
Part 7: Psalms (52-150)
Part 8: Proverb - Ecclesiastes - Song of Solomon
Part 9: Isaiah
Part 10: Jeremiah - Lamentations
Part 11: Ezekiel - Daniel - Hosea
Part 12: Joel - Amos - Obadiah - Jonah - Micah - Nahum - Habakkuk - Zephaniah - Haggai - Zechariah - Malachi
Part 13: Mathew - Mark - Luke - John
Part 14: Acts - Romans - I Corinthians - II Corinthians - Galatians - Ephesians - Philippians - Colossians
Part 15: Thessalonians - I Timothy - II Timothy - Titus - Philemon - Hebrews - James - I
Peter - II Peter - I John - II John - III John - Jude – Revelation

Religion & Spirituality
Steven B. Stevens
hr min
March 20
Casscom Media

Customer Reviews

Thirty-One Girl ,

I like it!

Chapters are broken down by track. Yes, they could have labeled them for us. It's still a good audio bible. I am pleased. I listen to it while I clean, perfect to hit play and let it role! I mean look at the Price! Can we really complain? No. It's great. I would have given it a 5 star had tracks had names.

Fimeg ,

Good audio, but not put into chapters.

The description is false. It said it was in chapters for easy maneuvering. It's not. It's in several 4-5 hour chunks. I've spent 20 Minutes trying to find the book of James. I've wasted money.

The audio is good, a little dramatized, but no music.

101stLRRP ,

Great option!

Do not listen to the complainers, this audio Bible is really for listening to like any other audio book. It was never meant to be a study tool! Every track ends with the ending of a book of the Bible. It is such a large down load already that it would make it impossible to mark off each book let alone each chapter. This is a great deal and you can also access it on Audible.

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