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Do you want to know if heaven is real? Who better to ask than Doctors and Scientists who have had near death experiences? Ten Doctors and Scientists, including Mary Neal and Eben Alexander, tell the story of their own Near Death Experiences.

Learn the stories of ten highly qualified people of science who have had a near-death experience and are willing to talk about it. If you want to learn if near death experiences are real, this book is for you.

Who better to ask then than doctors and scientists who have experienced their own NDEs and been to heaven and back?

Like most of the medical and academic community, prior to their NDE every one of them were skeptical. Are they still skeptics? This book is easy to read, easy to understand and absolutely fascinating.

You will read about:
Atheists who went to the darkest of places and experienced "untold terror."
The doctor who thought "People who believe in God are idiots" and then he was brutally murdered. What happened to him then?
The amazing NDE story of Dr. Carl Jung in his own words.
The doctor who actually got impatient with the NDE process.
Another who returned to our world with an amazing new talent.
Two doctors who were turned away from entering a place of universal knowledge at the last second and made to return to our world.

Ranked #1 in New Age Reincarnation and #1 in Religious Studies Here are ten-remarkable stories, each one from the rare perspective of a doctor or scientist.

Because most NDEs are short, NDE books tend to spend 95% of the pages on the biography of the NDE experiencer. This books cuts out the padding and gets right to the events leading up to the NDE, the NDE itself, and then the aftermath.

This is a must read and a great gift for anyone interested in the NDE phenomenon.

Religion & Spirituality
Bill Fike
hr min
June 1
Seconds Out, Inc.

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Excaliprepper ,

God over all compilation of multiple NDE's from mostly non believers

Good book. Eben Alexander's story is a great one. Read his books.

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