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We find ourselves engaged in various kinds of negotiations every day, from trying to land a new account or win a promotion at work, to buying a house or a car, or bargaining down a cell phone bill, or settling a dispute with a friend or spouse. In this groundbreaking book, negotiation expert Ed Brodow shows us how to settle conflicts amicably to reach a win-win solution every time.

Taking a page from the Marines’ Parris Island Boot Camp, Brodow drills listeners on the basic skills needed to master the art of negotiation. After completing Brodow’s basic training program, you will have learned how to:
Conquer your fear of confrontation and overcome the negative behaviors that hold you back
Identify and develop your personal negotiation style
Assess the other side’s strengths and weaknesses
Get the other side to make concessions without giving up any of your goals
Master the art of listening to understand the other side’s position and strengthen your own
Avoid getting sidetracked by personal or emotional issues
Create an atmosphere of trust in which the other party is a collaborator rather than a competitor
Break through impasses and close the deal

Using a wealth of examples from real-life encounters, Brodow demonstrates how to negotiate for things most listeners never knew were negotiable, such as department store purchases, medical costs, loan rates, phone bills, and credit card fees. He shows how to develop the skills and the confidence each of us need to negotiate successfully, and achieve our goals at work and in our personal lives.

Business & Personal Finance
Ed Brodow
hr min
December 26
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

76548 ,

Negotiation boot camp - a must read for any "business" person!

I really enjoyed this book. I had feared negotiations until Ed Brodow points out that we negotiate each and every day without conflict. Mr. Brodow teaches how to negotiate without negative emotions.

84 Mac Guy ,

This Isn't a Business Book

Negotiations are not limited to people in business. Everyone does negotiations from bargaining for an item on Craigslist to making a decision with your spouse. This book is an absolutely great guide to how to negotiate. Plus, it is easy to listen to.

PelotoniaRider ,

Overall, a good use of time on a long drive.

This book covers the basics, gives real-world examples of each concept and is up-to-date. Kudos to Brodow for not being like many books where the author waxes poetically about his/her success back in the '60's. I found repeated use of the term 'opponent' (instead of a term like 'counterpart' or 'other party') when discussing win-win negotiating to be confusing and out-of-place however.

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