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Abridged, 5 hours
Read by the author

The unique life story of one of the most talented and inventive comedians, the star of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Star Trek the movie.

Biographies & Memoirs
Simon Pegg
hr min
June 9
Penguin Audio

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207Guy ,


Pegg delivers a brilliantly well written book weaving in and out of a side adventure into his bio. This exceptionally well told story is not only a treat for any fan of Simon Pegg, but also a display of great writing by a very talented, and very well educated man. I own both the hardcover and the audio, and nothing beats hearing Pegg deliver his own story.

Fiendish Muffin ,

A Disjointed Reverie

I love Simon Pegg. He's brilliantly funny, down-to-earth, and seems like a person you generally would like to know. I wanted to love this autobiography for all those reasons. I ended up just liking it.

Pegg opens the book with the proclamation that he's never been interested in writing an autobiography. He insists he wanted to write a fiction book instead, and it shows. He cleverly weaves a fiction story amongst his personal musings, which I found to be more interesting.

That's not to say Pegg's personal life isn't fascinating. In fact, quite the contrary. I enjoyed hearing about his past, but found it somewhat difficult to follow. He jumps around from early childhood to teenage years, then back to childhood again with little warning. He also spends the vast majority of the book in his childhood and teenage years. I would have liked to hear more about his days as an actor on Spaced, and the making of his movie projects.

Now, I hate to criticize Pegg for this. He, after all, chose to tell the parts of his own story he felt most personally meaningful. That said, the book feels a bit cobbled together. I don't believe he had a set plan when he began writing. Instead of a deliberate chronological path, each thought or memory leads directly to another, despite its place in his personal history. This approach may be emotionally satisfying to the writer, but leaves the reader/listener feeling a little disjointed.

If you love Simon Pegg, there's no down side to giving this a listen. It will not bore you. It's a wonderful look into his childhood inspirations and influences. However, if you're hoping for a behind the scenes look into his more recent projects, you might have to wait for the sequel.

m0v1ng targ3t ,

This guy rocks

If this book is anything like his movies it is a definite must buy. I am downloading it as we speak cannot wait!!

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