Nero Nights: A Space Fantasy Romance: The Neron Rising Saga, Book 5 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Nova and Valen barely escaped Isroth with their lives and now they’ve crash-landed on an empty planet - no people, no tools to fix their ship. Nova has spent her life building and creating mechanics, but this is the most advanced vessel in the galaxy, and she can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.


But maybe the crash was a blessing in disguise. They’ve seen their entire lives together, but this is the first real time they’ve ever had with one another. This is their chance to see if their future is worth fighting for, and if there is anything between them besides attraction and fate.


On this empty planet, there is no fighting, no war, no conflict. Their days and nights are filled with uncertain glances, soft touches, and life-altering vows.


What was once never a question is now a serious consideration: do they even want to fix the ship, or is this the beginning of a brand new, perfect life?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Jaime Lamchick
hr min
May 15
Keary Taylor

Customer Reviews

Boundless Book Reviews ,

No "NIGHTS" in Nero Nights

Nova and Valen escape on a stolen ship and are stranded on a deserted planet together. I get that even though they have lived their entire lives through visions of the future, they don't know each other. Now is their chance.

I will admit it I Love the passion of romance books. I love the steamy scenes and everything about them. I was so disappointed that nothing happened in Nero Nights. Doesn't the title imply steamy love scenes? Or is that just me? Zip, nada, nothing. Or if it did, we sure didn't see it.

I did like that Nova and Valen finally got to know each other, but I was still disappointed with the lack of steam.

I am rating Nero Nights 4 Boundless stars.