Neron Wars: A Space Fantasy Romance: The Neron Rising Saga, Book 6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Nova knew that the galaxy wanted to be rid of Dominion, but she did not expect the immediate bravery that came after she and Valen declared war against Cyrillius. It’s a daily battle to protect Kaelea from his fleets, but leaders, soldiers, and publicists from planets near and far have come to aide in the fight. Best of all, Nova has reunited with her family.

But this undertaking isn’t without its trials. Most of the galaxy still doesn’t trust Valen. With decades of rumors and witnessed actions, it will take an incredible act of risk to prove he’s changed. Until then, the weight of leadership falls squarely upon Nova’s shoulders. She’s never been trained to be a leader, but the entire galaxy is watching her. Failure is not an option.

In the end, they don’t win this war until three things are decimated: Isroth, The Dominion, and Cyrillius. It’s time for Nova to build her most powerful weapon yet.

Jaime Lamchick
hr min
June 28
Keary Taylor

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The war has begun, and instead of the people looking to Valen for leadership, they are looking to Nova as their beacon of hope. She was not expecting that she feels like she is nothing and is not prepared for the burden of so much responsibility. However, she takes it on because she must.

“You are everything, Nova,” Valen says, his voice a whisper of conviction. His brows furrow and his Neron blue eyes bore into me with absolute certainty. “You are what will bring light back to this galaxy. You are who these people believe in.”

The war is not drawn out because the Nero is on Nova’s side. They are a force to be reckoned with. Nova also makes a devastating weapon that is a game-changer.

“I’m nothing. But at times, nothing rises. Nothing has no choice but to do what must be done. And nothing becomes the spark that changes everything.”

Neron Wars was exciting, action-packed, and I can’t wait to read the final chapter. I am rating Neron Wars: A Space Fantasy Romance 5 Boundless Stars.