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Do you want to learn how to set up a new network? Do you want to learn more about network security? If you want to know more about computer networking, then pay attention.

Computer networking has been around for ages, starting from the wired to the present wireless systems. We have been able to do justice to everything you need to kick-start your knowledge of computer networking in this audiobook. Getting familiar with the components and implementing your own networks should come easier. Networking of computers requires so many infrastructures for a seamless operation. The various types of network structures require different parts. These will be looked at extensively in the course of this audiobook.

Physical network infrastructures are needed for a computer network that include but are not limited to switches, routers, wireless access points, etc. There is also some underlying firmware that makes these infrastructures function correctly. Other than the physical systems, there is also the needed software deployed to monitor, manage, and secure the network.

For advanced networks, there is a need for standard protocols, which are designed to perform numerous discrete functions. These protocols are also used to communicate different data types, irrespective of the underlying hardware. 

For instance, in the telephone system, a voice over IP (VoIP) can bring about the transportation of IP telephony traffic from one point to another once these points support the protocol. This is also similar to what occurs in the browser, with the HTTP providing portals to accessing web pages. Also, over an IP-based network, the IP protocols to transport data and services, since there is protocol compatibility.

This guide will focus on the following:

Types of computer networking
Components of a network
Mobile networks
Wired network technology
How to automate the network?
Introduction to IP addressing
Packets, frames, and headers
What is the airport extreme?
Information technology vulnerability
Sniffing and spoofing
About CCNA routing and switching
And more

Even if you've never known anything about computer networks in your life, you can learn it just in few days.

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March 26
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