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Never Mind - A Journey into Non-duality by Wayne Liquorman.

Written by Wayne Liquorman with characteristic humor, irreverence, and profound insight, this audiobook provides a bold new look at the nature of existence. If one wants to remain in the moment, what does one do about the mind? Never mind! The mind does what the mind does. It is working and functioning perfectly, doing exactly what it has been designed and programmed to do.

The audiobook hammers away at the basic misconceptions that bring about human suffering - I could have and should have done it differently, I am flawed, I am the author of my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Wayne's teaching points to the divine nature of everything that exists no matter how hurtful or painful it might be. According to Wayne everything is the perfect manifestation of the source and it is in the acceptance of everything that peace is revealed. An indispensable addition to the spiritual library.

Excerpt from chapter three of Never Mind - A Journey into Non-duality

"As You Are

Why do people do nasty things? Isn't it because they are not conscious enough? Shouldn't they be doing self-inquiry or some other practice to raise their consciousness?

Well, why aren't they more conscious? If they could be more conscious, there would be more peace and contentment in their lives. Why doesn't everyone become more conscious and have more peace, when all they have to do is sincerely ask, "Who Am I?" All there problems would be over! Why don't they do that? What is inhibiting the sincere asking of that one question that unlocks this incredible bonanza? This is where the inquiry I'm talking about starts.

I'm flawed. I'm weak. I haven't done it well enough. That's why it hasn't worked.

Well, let's start there: What is it about the way you are constructed that inhibits you from doing what you intend? You may not be able to say what it is, but there is some thing in you that inhibits your ability to do what you would like and, obviously, it's not within your control to remove it; otherwise, you would have removed it a long time ago. So, there is some thing over which you have no control that inhibits your action; some thing is dictating what is happening. What is this?

It's a strongly held notion in society that you can be other than you are; however, it's a notion that bears examining. Certainly, you can be other than you were - meaning that you can change - but can you be other than you are in the moment"?

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