New Arcadia: Stage One (Original Recording) New Arcadia: Stage One (Original Recording)

New Arcadia: Stage One (Original Recording‪)‬

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Publisher Description

In a not-so-distant future, a deadly pandemic has forced the world into social isolation. Confined to their homes, millions now survive off drone-delivered food packages and online-only interactions.

It’s an especially lonely life for John Chambers, a drone shipment coordinator for the monolithic Chum Corporation. Trapped in his dead-end job and having just turned 40, John’s started spending more time grinding in virtual reality MMORPGs than he does grinding for his real-world job--and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by human resources!

But when a corporate executive notices the hundreds of hours John’s logged online, he’s offered one last chance to save his job (and his life!). Instead of getting fired, John reluctantly agrees to become prime beta tester for Chum’s top-secret new VR game, New Arcadia--a digital playground inspired by iconic '90s arcade games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

In New Arcadia, John gets to go back to a hyper-nostalgic 199X and do it right this time. Reborn as digital streetfighter Blaze, John starts cleaning up crime with his fists of fury while also building an online life for himself that seems so much more meaningful than the one he’d had in "real" life.

But John soon discovers there’s a darker and more ominous purpose behind the Chum Corporation’s new online playground--and as he starts to make real friends in this virtual reality, he also begins to realize that what players do in New Arcadia could have dangerous implications for the real world.


Eric Jason Martin

Matthew Mercer

Dave Fennoy

Erika Ishii

Sam Riegel

Dana Snyder

Andy Merrill

John DiMaggio

With Marin Ireland, Scott Brick, Suzanne Elise Freeman, P.J. Ochlan, Tara Sands, Justin Michael, Betsy Sodaro, DC Pierson, Neil Hellegers, Johnny Heller, and Ron Butler.

Theme by Lloyd Cole

Original Soundtrack by Casey Trela

Post Production by Mumble Media

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Eric Jason Martin, Matthew Mercer, Erika Ishii, Dave Fennoy, Sam Riegel, Dana Snyder, Andy Merrill, John DiMaggio
hr min
March 2
Sound Off Productions

Customer Reviews

tjtalker ,

Great listen!

I couldn’t stop listening! A lot of great actors in this audiobook and it goes by so fast. Even for non-gamers this is so much fun.

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