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Bill Maher first came to national attention as the host of the hit Comedy Central and ABC-TV program
Politically Incorrect, where he offered a combustible mixture of irreverence and acerbic humor that helped him to garner a loyal following, as well as a reputation for being a hilarious provocateur.

Now, his popular new HBO television show, Real Time with Bill Maher, has put him more front and center than ever. In particular, one of the show's segments entitled "New Rules" has struck a chord with viewers. It's within his rules that Maher takes serious aim, bringing all his incisiveness, wit, and his signature exasperation to bear on topics ranging from cell phones ("I don't need my cell phone to take pictures or access the Internet. I just need to make a phone call. From everywhere! Not just the places it likes!") to fast food ("New Rule: No more McDonald's in hospitals. I'm not kidding!") to the conservative agenda ("Stop claiming it's an agenda. It's not an agenda. It's a random collection of laws that your corporate donors paid you to pass."), Maher brings these brilliantly conceived riffs to audio for the first time, along with some singularly Maher-ian "editorials", editorials nothing like the standard fare found on the pages of the local newspaper!

Bill Maher
hr min
July 8
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Customer Reviews

sadoclause ,

nevermind the kid's low reviews...

let's see what they say when they move out of their mother's basement.
bill usually hits the mark. the very few misses have me giving him a 4 instead of 5. while i usually agree, he isn't perfect.
well worth the cost.

Ricecake ,

Bill Maher is a genius.

Wonderful book! Smart, fresh and funny. Need I say more?

All But Light ,

quite a book, period.

WOW im only 14 but this is AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING!, well kind of. what ever. I may be just a kid but I am completly left wing and just for those non belivers, my parents are very, very right wing and I belive this book is quite an outlook on american life, and what needs to be done to change it

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