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The reason human beings are the dominant animal on this planet has nothing to do with their strength or ability to fight. An elephant is stronger, a cheetah is faster, but mankind's ability to communicate is second to none and the true secret to our success.

We all have this 'god-like' ability to communicate precisely what we want, but some are more equal than others. It is no coincidence that the world's top salesmen, politicians, and hypnotists all use very similar language. All these master communicators know the path of least resistance is to talk directly to a person's sub-conscious, bypassing the conscious or thinking mind.

People who have an advanced knowledge of all our subtle levels of communications have a vast advantage in all areas of life. In The New Science of Persuasion and Influence, Craig Beck reveals the secrets used by leading persuasion professionals to get the specific outcome they want with everyone they meet. He will show you how these techniques have been used to influence you in the past and how you can build subliminal commands into your everyday communication to get amazing results.

You will learn how to control any conversation; how to deal with all types of characters, from shy and quiet individuals to aggressive and dominant people; how to become super confident as a speaker and influencer; what a person’s body language is telling us; and much more.

About the author: Craig Beck is a professional broadcaster, author, and media consultant. Craig became a qualified master of hypnotherapy in 1995.

From Customer Reviews:

"I have been in sales for 10 years. I was amazed how little of this I knew. It's actually frightening to think other people I deal with on a daily basis might know this stuff." (Amazon Customer) "An interesting take and reinvention of some well-established techniques I have used for a while. It's amazing to see how the communication tools of politicians, salesmen and stage hypnotists are all quite similar. The book is delivered and read by the author and his English accent is easy to listen to. Worth listening to even just to find out what techniques are being used on you every day." (Brian Thompson, Durham, UK) "One of the best courses I have ever bought, Craig explains skill after skill and how to implement them into everyday life. Already seen some pretty dramatic results with new clients." (Tony Bracknell, Hull, UK)

Business & Personal Finance
Craig Beck
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July 8
Viral Success Ltd

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